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Imaging Matters Newsletters

Imaging Matters Cover Website Imaging Matters is a publication for alumni, current employees and friends of the UC Department of Radiology.

 Please send comments and story ideas for editor, Clint Bramkamp, at or call 513-558-6089.

 Current Issue: February 2021

RFA GIVE HOPE Pancreatic Basic 2021 Funding Details (pdf)

RFA Goldman Pancreatic 2021 Funding Details (pdf)

RFA GIVE HOPE Pancreatic Clinical 2021 Funding Details (pdf)

RFA Gromada 2021 Funding Details (pdf)


4.9.2021 UC CAR Weekly Newsletter (pdf)

QI in Healthcare an Academic Pursuit_Slide Notes_upload (pdf)

Syllabus (pdf)

Syllabus (pdf)

_Vontz Center Cancer Seminar Series SPRING 2021 (part 2 of 2) 04.6.21 FINAL (pdf)

Antepartum Fetal Surveillance Covid Interim Recommendations (pdf)

Antepartum Fetal Surveillance (pdf)

Announcement of Awardees 2021 Tenth Annual DOIM Research Symposium (PDF) (pdf)

April 2021 Lecture Schedule (pdf)

4.2.2021 UC CAR Weekly Newsletter (pdf)

4.2.2021 Jamapediatrics_volkow_2021_Prevalence of SUD by TIme of 1st Substance Use (pdf)

UC Health Visiting Student Application (pdf)

UCCOM Visiting Student Application (pdf)

here (pdf)

here (pdf)

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