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Research Facilities

Cincinnati Children's Imaging Research Center

The Imaging Research Center (IRC) is an interdisciplinary research laboratory, operated by the Cincinnati Children's Research Foundation (CCRF) and radiology department at Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center. The center's purpose is to conduct research in medical imaging related to the diagnosis and treatment of diseases in children and young adults.

The IRC provides access to advanced analytical imaging and image post-processing methods for collaborators involved in basic and clinical research at Cincinnati Children's and the University of Cincinnati Medical Center for the purpose of advancing the research goals of both institutions.

The IRC employs imaging research technologists, engineers, physicists, chemists, nurse study coordinators, system analysts, research assistants, business managers and service coordinators, as well as graduate students and medical students from UC.

Image-Guided Ultrasound Therapeutics Laboratories

The Image-Guided Ultrasound Therapeutic Laboratories are located in the Cardiovascular Center at the University of Cincinnati. Our research focuses on applications of biomedical ultrasound including sonothrombolysis, ultrasound-mediated drug and bioactive gas delivery, development of echogenic liposomes, early detection of cardiovascular diseases, and ultrasound-image guided tumor ablation

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