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Photo of  Betsey Gibson, PsyD

Betsey Gibson, PsyD

Adjunct Assistant Professor

Psychiatry & Behavioral Neuroscience | College of Medicine

  • Master: Xavier University (Psychology)
  • Doctorate: Xavier University (Psychology)


Contact Information
Research Interests

Dr. Gibson provides comprehensive psychological services, including but not limited to, assessment, evaluation, consultation and psychotherapy within a multidsciplinary team; general psychotherapy for individual adults, adolescents and children, marriage and family therapy.

Her areas of interest include difficulties related to stress, emotional or behavioral problems, loss or other problems in living; anxiety disorders, adjustment disorders, mood disorders, phobias and Post-traumatic Stre...

Clinical Interests

Bipolar Disorder


Mood Disorders


Adjustment Disorder


Atypical Depression

Major Depressive Disorder

Panic Disorder

Sexual Abuse

Social Anxiety Disorder

Traumatic Grief

Traumatic Stress Disorders