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Meet the Fan Lab

Current Members

Dr. Xiaohong Wang, Research Scientist (email)

Publication Record

Dr. X Wang

Research Scientist, graduated from Qinghai Medical College. She has been in Dr. Fan’s laboratory since 2007 and published 33 peer-reviewed papers with 10 as first-author. Dr. Xiaohong Wang has extensive expertise in animal models, animal surgery of cecal ligation and puncture (CLP) and cardiac ischemia/reperfusion, in vivo and ex vivo myocardial function measurement, isolation of cardiac endothelial cells, fibroblasts, myocytes and bone-marrow stem cells for cell culture.

Dr. Yutian (Ben) Li, Post-doc Fellow (email)
Dr. Yutian (Ben) Li,post-doc fellow
Dr. Li received his B.S. in Pharmaceutical Science from the Ohio State University. Subsequently, he was trained in Master program of Safety Pharmacology and admitted to our PhD program in 2014. During his PhD training in the Fan laboratory, Yutian received an award of the Albert J. Ryan Fellowship, the highest honor the College can bestow on graduate students while they are in their degree program in 2017. Later, he was successfully awarded AHA pre-doctoral fellowship for two years (2018-2020). After his graduation, Dr. Li joined the Fan lab as post-doc fellow and started a new project on macrophage efferocytosis in ischemic/reperfused hearts.  Built upon his exciting new data, Dr. Li submitted a post-doc fellowship proposal to AHA in Nov. 2020, which was awarded for two years (2021-2023).  Dr. Li has expertise in the analysis of macrophage phenotype using flow cytometry. He has excellent background and experience in animal models, molecular biology and cellular immunology with 19 peer-reviewed publications so far.
Mr. Qianqian (Jerry) Li, PhD student (email)
PhD student Jerry Li

Qianqian received his bachelor’s degree in Clinical Medicine and Master’s degree in Neurosurgery from Shantou University, China. During the first three years in the program of Pharmaceutical Sciences at the University of Cincinnati College of Pharmacy, his training was started with learning fundamental techniques such as western blot, immunohistochemistry, primary cell culture, and genotyping etc. Later, he was trained many advanced techniques including molecular cloning, high resolution imaging, as well as intracranial tumor xenograft, mouse cardiac ischemia/reperfusion, in vivo and in vitro endothelial permeability, flow cytometry analysis. Currently, Qianqian’s PhD thesis project in the Fan lab focuses on Lcn10-mediated macrophage polarization in diabetes-induced cardiac dysfunction, using Type-2 diabetic mouse model.  

Dr. Peng Wang, Visiting Scholar (email)
Visiting Scholar Dr. Wang

Visiting scholar from Shandong Provincial Hospital. Dr. Wang received 7-year training in Clinical Medicine for his bachelor’s/master’s degrees at the Shandong University, China. He did his PhD thesis project in the Fan Lab (2018-2019) which focused on GDF3-mediated macrophage phagocytosis in sepsis and resulted in a first-author publication in Frontiers in Immunology (2021). During his PhD training in our lab, Dr. Wang submitted an abstract and successfully received Travel Award to attend the annual conference on Shock (2020). Currently, he works in the Fan lab as a visiting scholar (post-doc fellow) and investigates the role of Lcn10 in sepsis-induced cardiovascular leakage.

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