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Since 1948, University of Cincinnati Department of Neurosurgery has been the academic resource and leader for the region.

Driving the Direction of Neurosurgery

The University of Cincinnati Department of Neurosurgery is driving the direction of how our field is practiced. As an internationally-recognized program, University of Cincinnati Department of Neurosurgery is where patients and other clinicians turn to for care of complex neurosurgical issues. We are an academic leader and resource for the region because we don't just treat patients, we are developing better ways to do so.

Giving Student Skills

Students seek us out because they want an in-depth understanding of the subspecialties of neurosurgery. With experts in every subspecialty of neurosurgery, we teach residents a superior way of practicing cerebrovascular, endovascular, functional, neuro-oncology, neurotrama, pediatric, skull base and spine neurosurgery. We are excited to pass our skills on to the next generation of neurosurgeons to ensure premium care to patients in our region and across the country.

Latest News

UC Assistant Professor of Neurosurgery Receives Research Rising Star Award

The University of Cincinnati College of Medicine awarded Dr. Laura Ngwenya, Assistant Professor of Neurosurgery for its Research Rising Star Award. The Office of Research accepted nominations for instructors or assistant professors who demonstrate outstanding commitment to health-related research.

Ngwenya-7852-smallDepartment of Neurosurgery Chairman, Dr. Joseph Cheng nominated Dr. Ngwenya for the award. “Since starting as junior faculty at UC over three years ago, she has shown an unwavering commitment to neurotrauma research while still maintaining a successful neurosurgical clinical practice,” says Dr. Cheng. He cited her publications, grant funding and international recognition in support of her nomination. Dr. Ngwenya co-founded the Collaborative for Research and Acute Neurological Injuries (CRANI). Dr. Cheng says CRANI “has strengthened and inspired the broader UC community to collaborate and engage in neurotrauma research endeavors.”

“I’m honored to receive this award.  It is difficult as a neurosurgeon to remain engaged and productive in research,” says Dr. Ngwenya, “I’m thankful for all of the mentors who have helped me to be successful and to my department, especially Dr. Cheng, for the continued support.”

Dr. Ngwenya will receive an honorarium of $1500 and will be recognized at the Research Recognition Awards Program in fall 2020.

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