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Class of 2022


Aaron Carson:
Having grown up in rural Missouri, Aaron developed a strong interest in caring for populations in rural regions of the US. He received his undergrad from Missouri University of Science and Technology and before entering medical school worked as a patient relations liaison at a medical center in Rolla, Missouri. At the University of Missouri-Columbia Aaron was part of the Rural Health Track and spent over six months working in rural clinics throughout the state. This experience has reaffirmed his desire to one day return to a rural community and provide high-quality care. While in medical school Aaron was elected to AOA and to the Gold Humanism Honor Society. Aaron is also interested in global health and spent two weeks in Nicaragua during medical school and led fundraising efforts for Students Interested in Global Health for Tomorrow. He has also served as a volunteer in a free health clinic and published an article on the future of osteoporosis treatment in the Journal of Bone and Mineral Research during medical school. We are immensely proud to have someone with a keen in interest and dedication to serving rural populations joining our program!
Why I chose Cincinnati?
"While looking at residency programs, my top priorities included a strong children’s hospital, global health opportunities, outpatient Med-Peds clinic, and leadership that encourages residents to succeed and follow through on their future career goals. I found all of this and much more at Cincinnati. On the night of my interview dinner, the residents were very happy, rested, and excited to talk about their program. What made Cincinnati stand out from other programs was their dedication and passion for resident education from not only the Med-Peds staff, but also the medicine and pediatric faculty. Aside from the program, Cincinnati is a great, welcoming city with a variety of things to do. I am very grateful and honored to be a resident at Cincinnati."

Christopher Martindale:
Hailing from Benton, Arkansas, Chris was raised in a "Med-Peds family" (his father is also a Med-Peds physician!). He studied biomedical engineering and mathematics at the University of Arkansas. As an undergraduate he traveled to both Mozambique and Belize where he participated in various engineering projects developing water filtration systems for communities. He has excelled as a student at the University of Arkansas College Medicine where he was elected AOA. As a medical student, he has been actively involved tutoring fellow medical students, developing a USLME Step I review course, and volunteering in a special needs Sunday school classroom at his church. He also participated in a research project during medical school that focused on brain imaging in drug addiction. He has a passion for teaching and would like to continue developing these skills with medical students and fellow residents during his residency training. We are very lucky to have such a gifted, thoughtful, and committed “second generation” Med-Peds physician joining our program!
Why I chose Cincinnati?
"Although online research suggested that Cincinnati would provide top-level training for med-peds, what truly sold me on the program was my experience at the interview. Almost immediately, it became abundantly clear that the residents were an extremely happy and tight-knit group. There was lots of laughter for the entire visit and I got a front row seat to see that the residents were enjoying themselves despite the definite stress that accompanies residency. From the academic standpoint, the program speaks for itself. I greatly appreciate the faculty for both the complete commitment to education and the willingness to innovate in order to provide the best training possible."

Helen Sanderson:
Hailing from Pennsylvania, Helen witnessed at a young age the challenges of having a chronic illness as a child and transitioning into adulthood when one of her siblings was diagnosed with cancer. This triggered a passion to facilitate care continuity during the transient years of young adulthood. Helen attended Wheaton College in Norton, Massachusetts. Following undergrad, Helen spent two years as a Clinical Research Coordinator at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia participating in inflammatory bowel disease research. As a medical student at Penn State, Helen served in a global medical brigade to Panama where she and her colleagues provided medical care and health education. She was also active in a student-run free clinic in the Harrisburg, PA area, where she helped develop and coordinate a new cardiac clinic at the site. She has also served as a patient navigator at Penn State where she aimed to help identify barriers to care and other issues for patients who were high utilizers of the healthcare system. Helen had an outstanding performance in medical school and was elected AOA. She has a strong interest in working with populations as they transition from adolescence into adulthood, and ensuring they receive excellent care during times of both stable and acute illness. We are incredibly lucky to have such an amazing advocate and leader joining our Cincinnati Med-Peds residency!
Why I chose Cincinnati?
"Cincinnati was my second interview of the season. When I arrived, I immediately felt at ease with the program directors of med-peds and both the categorical pediatrics and internal medicine programs. With the second interview day, the feeling only grew—everyone seemed to be more friends rather than just colleagues. They care about how their students learn here, not just about the quantity of knowledge, but the quality of it as well. I felt as though the program directors were invested in my ability to be the best possible doctor and would do everything in their power to support us as we achieved our goals. I had a sense when I came here that this is where I was supposed to be, and I think I definitely made the right choice."

Ramon Reddick:
Ramon was raised in rural Georgia where he developed a sensitivity to the struggles of economically disadvantaged and underserved populations. This perspective has driven him towards a career in medicine where he has a desire care for and mentor vulnerable, underserved populations as a primary care physician. As an undergraduate, Ramon worked as a medical assistant in a primary care clinic and as a lab tech doing research on converting nonfood sources into sustainable biofuels. As a medical student Ramon has committed himself to “giving back” as a mentor and medical educator. Taking a page from the wonderful mentors he has been fortunate to work with throughout his career, Ramon has mentored high school and undergraduate students interested in careers in medicine as part of the Student National Medical Association. He is a strong proponent for promoting diversity in medicine and a devotee to medical education. During medical school Ramon also did research on the prevalence of pseudobulbar affect in multiple sclerosis patients. We are blessed to have such a thoughtful mentor and advocate joining our Cincy Med-Peds family!
Why I chose Cincinnati?
"Within our small word of Med-Peds, it is so exciting to meet individuals with your same interests and ideals. I chose Cincinnati because of its well-seasoned and strong reputation in Med-Peds, its solid categorical counterparts, and its genuinely caring people. Our program offers a diverse patient population, allowing its trainees to experience the gamut of how to care for the indigent/uninsured population, the well-to-do population, and everything in between. I got the sense that I would become a well-rounded physician who is capable of tackling any future I could imagine, whether it be primary care or subspecialty because you are surrounded by a robust number of Med-Peds trained faculty. As a trainee, you will have educators who are passionate about training future doctors, who actively seek ways to improve resident physician performance and evaluation metrics."

Michelle Sandoval:
Michelle hails from New Mexico and did her undergrad and medical school training at the University of New Mexico. As a medical student, she did research on using whiteboards during rounds to increase patient satisfaction and also participated in a survey study about addressing patients’ social determinants of health in an ambulatory clinic. She also served on curriculum and admission committees for her medical school, and volunteered with Healthcare for the Homeless. Given her commitment and dedication to others and the community, she was elected to the Gold Humanism Honor Society during medical school. Her future goal is to provide care for those who cannot provide for themselves, from neonate to nonagenarian. We are so fortunate to have someone with such caring nature and strong commitment to providing care for vulnerable populations joining our Med-Peds family here in Cincinnati!

Why I chose Cincinnati?

Cincinnati was a very very unexpected love of mine. First of all, Cincinnati is a beautiful green place. You can do hiking, biking, kayaking, and more all within a twenty-thirty minute drive from most places. Second, Cincinnati Children’s. Third (a very close third) is the medicine program and the focus on education. This program is filled with educational opportunities both in and out of medicine and most of the PD’s and APD’s have a masters in education. There is a lot of opportunity for QI, global health, and research opportunities. If you want all of the avenues possible (true Med Peds style) AND to be an expert in whatever field you choose, this is the program for you!

Mati Segev:

Originally from Skokie, Illinois, Mati received his undergrad from Brandeis University in Massachusetts. He served as a commander in Israeli Defense Forces prior to heading to medical school. While in the army he served as a commander for upwards of 60 soldiers and first aid instructor. As a medical student at the University Illinois he has been involved in a number of community service projects including a local, pediatrician-supervised fitness program for at risk children and a medical student-run science enrichment program for under-resourced teenagers. He was also co-president of his medical school’s book club, participated in a project involving cognitively-based compassion training, and volunteered as a cabin clinician at a Diabetes Camp. As recognition of his superior commitment to community service and giving back to others he was elected to the Gold Humanism Honor Society at his medical school. We are honored to have such a committed individual with a true dedication to serving and leading others joining our program!
Why I chose Cincinnati?
"Cincinnati was my very first interview. I remember being blown away by the warmth and enthusiasm of the residents I met at dinner, and their excitement when answering questions about their program was palpable. Meeting the program leadership was just as memorable: they have created such a thoughtful and compassionate learning environment that encourages personal growth and education. There is a wide range of care for a diverse patient population, and a wonderful med-peds clinic, and it is all in a super fun, beautiful, and affordable city! I never stopped thinking about Cincinnati after I interviewed here, and I feel so fortunate to be part of this loving med-peds family."

Kristin Speragna:
Hailing from the Massachusetts area Kristin, the daughter of an engineer, developed a love of “taking things apart to see how they work.” This curiosity has translated into her medical career where she desires to figure out why things happen and connect the elements of patient’s story. She completed her undergrad in biology at the University of Chicago. Following undergrad she worked as a patient care coordinator for a dermatology practice in Framingham, MA. She they entered medical school at Albany Medical College where she excelled as a student and patient advocate, and was elected to both AOA and to the Gold Humanism Honor Society. As a medical student Kristen worked as a community health worker for Catholic Charities Care Coordination Services and participated in research that focused on screening patients for delirium with the 3D-CAM tool. Following residency, Kristin hopes to pursue a career in community health and would like to work with rural/underserved populations. We are thrilled to have someone with a strong commitment to community health and underserved populations joining our program!
Why I chose Cincinnati?
"I chose the University of Cincinnati Med-Peds program because of its focus on its residents—their education, their wellness and their futures. The UC Hospital and Cincinnati Children’s are both very prestigious academic centers. Yet, the Med-Peds program is such a powerhouse—locally and nationally—that it’s able to hold its own against both institutions. I was really struck on my interview day by the unique identity of the Med-Peds residents on campus. They didn’t see themselves as part-time pediatricians and part-time internists, shuttling back and forth between disciplines; residents at UC are truly trained to be internal medicine-pediatric physicians. Part of the reason for the strong Med-Peds presence at UC is the amazing faculty and mentors. Another factor is, of course, the program’s well-established history of leadership and innovation in the field. However, I feel like what really makes this program great is the residents and how much they care for each other. Each Med-Peds class sticks together, rotating through internal medicine and pediatrics at the same time. As a result, each class becomes so incredibly close. I remember on my interview day how the new interns already felt like they belonged to the crazy, loving family. They were all able to laugh with, lean on, and learn from their fellow residents. I am honored now to be part of continuing that tradition."

Jennifer K. O'Toole, MD, MEd, SFHM
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