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Sneha Sharma

Instructor of Clinical

Internal Medicine | College of Medicine


Internal Medicine

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Internal Medicine


Personal Statement
As a young girl growing up in India, I always accompanied my parents to their volunteering events. Through example, my parents had taught me to always provide for the vulnerable through service. My fondest childhood memories are from cooking for the local Mother Teresa Home residents, playing cards with the elderly at an old age home, drawing henna tattoos to fundraise for female literacy programs and running around colorful markets to buy shawls for the homeless during winter. I had never felt more joy than to be of help to all these people. One day, while at a temple, my parents and I happened to find a young orphan suffering from perforated appendicitis. When we took him to the hospital, I could not help but be in awe of the physician who recognized his symptoms and treated him pro‚Äźbono. Not only did he save the orphan’s life, but also promised to cover his admission into a teaching institution. I felt a compelling urge to be a kindred spirit and dedicate myself to medicine.

Why I Chose Cincinnati
Dr. Warm sealed the deal for me! I remember attending one of his Grand Rounds presentations about methods of learning and retaining information and having my mind blown! I incorporated his suggestions into studying for my next board exam and reaped the benefits almost immediately. Not only was the process less daunting than I had imagined, but I was also able to recall random facts and key associations on test day, thanks to Dr. Warm’s pointers. If one hour of his knowledge could help me so much, I couldn’t fathom the potential of three years!! I knew UC was the right choice for me and am so excited I get to train here.

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