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Photo of  Mary Beth B. Vonder Meulen, RN, CCRC

Mary Beth B. Vonder Meulen, RN, CCRC

Principal Research Asst

Principal Research Assistant; Research Nurse

Family & Community Medicine | College of Medicine

  • Associate of Science: University of Cincinnati
Contact Information
Research Interests

Chronic Disease, Geriatric Nursing and Chronic Non-Malignant Pain.

Peer Reviewed Publications

Elder NC, Imhoff R, Chubinski J, Jacobson CJ, Pallerla H, Saric P, Rotenberg V, Vonder Meulen MB, Leonard AC, Carrozza M, Regan S 2017. Congruence of patient self-rating of health with physician ratings in family medicine offices J Am B Fam Med, 30, 196-204

Elder N; Penm M; Pallerla H; Vonder Meulen MB; Short AD; Diers T; Imhoff RJ; Wilson B; Boone JM 2016. Provision of Recommended Chronic Pain Assessment and Management in Primary Care: Does Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH) Recognition Make a Difference? Journal of the American Board of Family Medicine : JABFM, 29 4, 474-81

J. Boone, N. Elder, A. Short, T. Diers, M. Vonder Meulen, H. Pallerla, D. Hargraves, R. Imhoff, B. Speer, J. Kues 2016. Minimal versus intensive interprofessional quality improvement for chronic pain management in primary care The Journal of Pain, 17 4, S42, 266

Smith R, Vonder Meulen M, Levin L, Dang L, Pallerla H 2006. Scalp and Forearm Pressure-Pain Threshold and Pressure-Allodynia in Migraine Headache Care, 2006, 3 , 1-8

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Elder, Nancy C; Vonder Meulen, MaryBeth; Cassedy, Amy . The identification of medical errors by family physicians during outpatient visits. Annals of family medicine, 2 2, 125-9