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COVID19 Resources



  • CDC — How to Self-Quarantine
  • ODH COVID Testing Algorithm
    (updated version 3/13/29) This algorithm isn’t perfect, but it’s pretty good. It’s the most recent thing provided by ODH. ODH isn’t necessarily the same as LDH and they’re not always on the same page, but at least it’s something to help guide you in a complex, ever-changing situation.


  • Calhoun Grand Round COVID19 Update
    NOTE: Changes since talk given on 3/4/20
    1. Reuse of N95s is not applicable to COVID-19 due to the contact precautions portion of the disease. Only applies to TB.
    2. The definition of PUI had significantly changed since this lecture. Please see for current definition (much more broad)
    3. Current UCMC cohorting plan involved 7 NW, not Ridgeway

Announcements and Communications


COVID-19: RESPIRATORY ED (Palmer - 03/13/20)
CDC clinical guidance on testing for COVID-19 (Calhoun 3/10/20)
Palmer Update 03/14/20
WCH COVID Update - March 13th, 2020 (Shewakramani)
WCH COVID Weekend Update (3/15/20) - Shewakramani
UCMC / WCMC MSE and DC 031720 Shewakramani
UCMC Operational Updates- Low Census, Cardiac arrests, surge planning (4/2/20)
WCH ED Schedule Changes start April 1 (03/30/20)
West Chester ED updates - 3/26/20

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