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Cambridge, OH

Cambridge, Ohio lies 80 miles east of Columbus, Ohio at the intersection of Interstates 70 and 77. It is the county seat of Guernsey County and the only incorporated city with the county.  The city stands partly on land originally settled by several Native American tribes such as the Shawnee, Delaware, Wyandotte, Miami, Chippewa and Mingo.  Col. Ebenezer Zane named the settlement in honor of Cambridge, Maryland. The first bridge authorized by the Northwest Territory was built in Cambridge; the area is known for its distinctive ‘S’ shaped bridges as well.  

Cambridge was known for glass production and, although it is no longer an active industry, its history is captured at the National Museum of Cambridge Glass.  The area was also a significant part of the coal industry in the 19th century. The Pennsylvania Railroad maintained a spur through east central Ohio to move vast amounts of the resource. These days, the Byesville Scenic Railway takes visitors along parts of the original rail line and educates passengers about mining and coal mining country.

Salt Fork State Park is located nearby. It is Ohio’s largest state park and also boasts the largest inland beach in the state.  Visitors may also see the Kennedy House, one of the earliest homes built by the settlers to the area. 

Located nearby is “The Wilds,” the largest wildlife conservation center in North America.  The almost 10,000 acres are a public-private partnership between the State Department of Natural Resources, the Columbus Zoo, and other research facilities. Rare and endangered species from camels to white rhinoceros to avian specie freely inhabit the environment. Visitors may take “safari” trips through the former coal-mine and see the animals up close.

One of the largest collections of cowboy memorabilia in the country is on exhibit at the Hopalog Cassidy Museum.

Cambridge is home to five institutions of higher education:

  • Kent State University
  • Marietta College
  • Muskingum College
  • Washington State Community College
  • Zane State Community College

A number of famous people have called Cambridge home:

  • William Lawrence Boyd, actor who portrayed Hopalong Cassidy
  • Tom Eyen, author of Dreamgirls, 1981 Tony-award winning play
  • John Glenn, Jr., astronaut and US Senator, first American to orbit Earth
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