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CARES (2008-2013)

The University of Cincinnati partnered with communities to address the community-driven question: "Does air pollution affect our children's health?"

The original CARES involved children ages 7-9 living in the counties below.  The mother of the child must have resided in one of these counties while pregnant with the child in order to participate.

Cares County Map

Marietta and East Liverpool, OH were selected due to their high levels of airborne metals, especially manganese.  Cambridge, OH was chosen as a comparison community. 

The original CARES used a variety of activities to test the children's reasoning skills, motor skills, and memory.  A parent also participated in a reasoning skills evaluation.  Blood, hair, and naturally shed teeth were collected from children. 

Summary of the findings from CARES. 

The original CARES has been refunded.  Details on the second phase of the study (CARES 2).

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