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Scholarships & Fellowships

Dwight Tillery Fellowship Program

The Tillery Fellowship, offered by The Center of Closing the Health Gap (The Health Gap), a community based 501(c)(3) organization, is a 1 year training program designed to assist students pursuing a graduate degree at the MPH Program in the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine. The Tillery Fellowship will develop and strengthen key practices necessary to lead efforts that will promote a culture of health for the most vulnerable population of the greater Cincinnati area. Successful candidates must have an interest and commit their efforts toward health disparities. MPH students from all concentrations are eligible to apply with the exception of MPH-Health Education/Health Promotion and MPH-Occupational Public Health.

Fellowship Benefits

  • Gain valuable skills and experience to effectively develop and implement program initiatives aimed to engage, empower, and advocate for the health of the African American, Appalachian, and Latino communities.
  • Gain experience analyzing qualitative and quantitative data to inform and initiate health policy changes in regards to reducing health disparities.
  • Fellows will be awarded a stipend during their one-year placement.
  • There are various award levels (see instructions below)

For eligibility requirements, and instructions on how to apply, please view Dwight Tillery Fellowship (PDF). Please send the completed form to Professor Charles Doarn,

James O’Reilly International Student Scholarship


Professor James T. O'Reilly stands with Maria Nakafeero, the first recipient of the 
James O’Reilly International Student Scholarship Fund for the Master of Public Health Degree.

The James O’Reilly International Student Scholarship is available to currently enrolled international students in the MPH Program. The Scholarship will be used to pay for tuition up to one year or two semesters for an awarded recipient. The scholarship is for international students only and the recipients must agree to return to their home country to share their knowledge and experience in a public health setting.

For eligibility requirements and instructions on how to apply, please view James Oreilly Scholarship Application (PDF). Please send the completed form to Professor Charles Doarn,

Study Abroad Block Scholarship

The MPH Program is currently accepting applications on the Study Abroad Block Scholarship. The Scholarship is specifically offered to support a MPH student to conduct their Capstone Research abroad in a designated institution. The amount of each scholarship is $800 in a semester.

Please contact Professor Charles Doarn,, for more informaion on the Study Abroad Block Scholarship. 

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