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Jacqueline Patterson

Research Associate

Sr. Research Scientist

Environmental and Public Health Sciences | College of Medicine

  • M.En.: Miami University (Environmental Science, Public Information)
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Peer Reviewed Publications

Andersen, M. E.; Preston, R. J.; Maier, A.; Willis, A. M.; Patterson, J. 2014. Dose-response approaches for nuclear receptor-mediated modes of action for liver carcinogenicity: Results of a workshop Critical Reviews in Toxicology, 44 1 , 50-63

Juberg, D. R.; Borghoff, S. J.; Becker, R. A.; Casey, W.; Hartung, T.; Holsapple, M. P.; Marty, M. S.; Mihaich, E. M.; Van Der Kraak, G.; Wade, M. G.; Willett, C. E.; Andersen, M. E.; Borgert, C. J.; Coady, K. K.; Dourson, M. L.; Fowle Iii, J. R.; Gray, L. E.; Lamb, J. C.; Ortego, L. S.; Schug, T. T.; Toole, C. M.; Zorrilla, L. M.; Kroner, O. L.; Patterson, J.; Rinckel, L. A.; Jones, B. R. 2014. t 4 workshop report: Lessons learned, challenges, and opportunities: The U.S. endocrine disruptor screening program Altex, 31 1 , 63-78

Maier, A.; Vincent, M. J.; Gadagbui, B.; Patterson, J.; Beckett, W.; Dalton, P.; Kimber, I.; Selgrade, M. J. K. 2014. Integrating asthma hazard characterization methods for consumer products Regulatory Toxicology and Pharmacology, 70 1 , 37-45

Rosen, J. S.; Whelton, A. J.; McGuire, M. J.; Clancy, J. L.; Bartrand, T.; Eaton, A.; Patterson, J.; Dourson, M.; Nance, P.; Adams, C. 2014. The crude MCHM chemical spill in Charleston, W.Va Journal - American Water Works Association, 106 9 , 65-74

Patterson, J.; Maier, A.; Kohrman-Vincent, M.; Dourson, M. L. 2013. Peer consultation on relationship between PAC profile and toxicity of petroleum substances Regulatory Toxicology and Pharmacology, 67 2 , S86-S93

Gadagbui, B.; Patterson, J.; Rak, A.; Kutzman, R. S.; Reddy, G.; Johnson, M. S. 2012. Development of a Relative Source Contribution Factor for Drinking Water Criteria: The Case of Hexahydro-1,3,5-trinitro-1,3,5-triazine (RDX) Human and Ecological Risk Assessment, 18 2 , 338-354

Nance, P.; Patterson, J.; Willis, A.; Foronda, N.; Dourson, M. 2012. Human health risks from mercury exposure from broken compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) Regulatory Toxicology and Pharmacology, 62 3 , 542-552

Patterson, J.; Meek, M. E.; Strawson, J. E.; Liteplo, R. G. 2008. Erratum to "Engaging expert peers in the development of risk assessments," (Risk Analysis (2007) 27, 6, (1609-1621)) Risk Analysis, 28 1 , 249

Patterson, J.; Meek, M. E.; Strawson, J. E.; Liteplo, R. G. 2007. Engaging expert peers in the development of risk assessments Risk Analysis, 27 6 , 1609-1621

Williams, P. R. D.; Patterson, J.; Briggs, D. W. 2006. VCCEP pilot: Progress on evaluating children's risks and data needs Risk Analysis, 26 3 , 781-801

Haber, L. T.; Patterson, J. 2005. Report of an independent peer review of an acrylonitrile risk assessment Human and Experimental Toxicology, 24 10 , 487-527

Charnley, G.; Patterson, J. 2004. Ethical standards of studies involving human subjects [3] Environmental Health Perspectives, 112 3 , A152-A153

Charnley, G.; Patterson, J. 2003. Review of procedures for protecting human subjects in recent clinical studies of pesticides Regulatory Toxicology and Pharmacology, 38 2 , 210-223

Dourson, M.; Patterson, J. 2003. A 20-year perspective on the development of non-cancer risk assessment methods Human and Ecological Risk Assessment, 9 5 , 1239-1252

Knuth, B. A.; Connelly, N. A.; Sheeshka, J.; Patterson, J. 2003. Weighing Health Benefit and Health Risk Information When Consuming Sport-Caught Fish Risk Analysis, 23 6 , 1185-1197

Patterson, J. 2002. Introduction - Comparative dietary risk: Balance the risk and benefits of fish consumption Comments on Toxicology, 8 4-6 , 337-343

Patterson, J.; Dourson, M. 2002. Conclusions and research needs Comments on Toxicology, 8 4-6 , 517-536

Patterson, J.; Hakkinen, P. J.; Wullenweber, A. E. 2002. Human health risk assessment: Selected internet and world wide web resources Toxicology, 173 1-2 , 123-143

Boyes, W. K.; Dourson, M. L.; Patterson, J.; Tilson, H. A.; Sette, W. F.; Macphail, R. C.; Li, A. A.; O'Donoghue, J. L. 1997. EPA's neurotoxicity risk assessment guidelines Fundamental and Applied Toxicology, 40 2 , 175-184

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