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Zhang, Miaomiao; Wang, Bing; Li, Tingfang; Liu, Rui; Xiao, Yingnan; Geng, Xin; Li, Guang; Liu, Qiang; Price, Carolyn M; Liu, Yang; Wang, Feng 2019. Mammalian CST averts replication failure by preventing G-quadruplex accumulation. Nucleic acids research, ,


Adams, Shannel R; Maezawa, So; Alavattam, Kris G; Abe, Hironori; Sakashita, Akihiko; Shroder, Megan; Broering, Tyler J; Sroga Rios, Julie; Thomas, Michael A; Lin, Xinhua; Price, Carolyn M; Barski, Artem; Andreassen, Paul R; Namekawa, Satoshi H 2018. RNF8 and SCML2 cooperate to regulate ubiquitination and H3K27 acetylation for escape gene activation on the sex chromosomes. PLoS genetics, 14 2, e1007233

Feng, Xuyang; Hsu, Shih-Jui; Bhattacharjee, Anukana; Wang, Yongyao; Diao, Jiajie; Price, Carolyn M 2018. CTC1-STN1 terminates telomerase while STN1-TEN1 enables C-strand synthesis during telomere replication in colon cancer cells. Nature communications, 9 1, 2827


Feng, Xuyang; Hsu, Shih-Jui; Kasbek, Christopher; Chaiken, Mary; Price, Carolyn M 2017. CTC1-mediated C-strand fill-in is an essential step in telomere length maintenance. Nucleic acids research, 45 8, 4281-4293

Bhattacharjee, Anukana; Wang, Yongyao; Diao, Jiajie; Price, Carolyn M 2017. Dynamic DNA binding, junction recognition and G4 melting activity underlie the telomeric and genome-wide roles of human CST. Nucleic acids research, 45 21, 12311-12324

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