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Photo of  Christina Williams, MD

Christina Williams, MD

Asst Professor - Adj COM

COM Surgery Trauma & Critical Care

  • Bachelor's Degree: Williams College
  • Medical Degree: Case Western Reserve School of Medicine
  • General Surgery Residency: Case Western Reserve University
  • Fellowship in Trauma and Surgical Critical Care: University of Cincinnati
Board Certifications & Licenses

American Board of Surgery (Surgery Critical Care) (Certification Date: 09/23/2013)
American Board of Surgery (Certification Date: 06/05/2012)

Clinical Interest

Critical Care Surgery


Surgery-Critical Care

Research Interests

General Surgery, Critical Care/Trauma Surgery

Contact Information
  • Medical Sciences Building
  • SRU Room 1577
  • 231 Albert Sabin Way
  • Cincinnati, Ohio 45267
  • Office 513-558-5661
  • Email

Peer Reviewed Publications

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