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Elizabeth Kopras

Research Interests

I manage programs across a spectrum of needs including scientific promotion, research program design and implementation, strategic planning, and financial tracking. 

I have a variety of scientific interests, which is why I decided to p...

  • BA: Ohio University
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Peer Reviewed Publications

Guo, Minzhe; Yu, Jane J; Perl, Anne Karina; Wikenheiser-Brokamp, Kathryn A; Riccetti, Matt; Zhang, Erik Y; Sudha, Parvathi; Adam, Mike; Potter, Andrew; Kopras, Elizabeth J; Giannikou, Krinio; Potter, S Steven; Sherman, Sue; Hammes, Stephen R; Kwiatkowski, David J; Whitsett, Jeffrey A; McCormack, Francis X; Xu, Yan 2020. Single Cell Transcriptomic Analysis Identifies a Unique Pulmonary Lymphangioleiomyomatosis Cell. American journal of respiratory and critical care medicine, ,

Hudock, Kristin M; Collins, Margaret S; Imbrogno, Michelle; Snowball, John; Kramer, Elizabeth L; Brewington, John J; Gollomp, Kandace; McCarthy, Cormac; Ostmann, Alicia J; Kopras, Elizabeth J; Davidson, Cynthia R; Srdiharan, Anusha; Arumugam, Paritha; Sengupta, Shaon; Xu, Yan; Worthen, G Scott; Trapnell, Bruce C; Clancy, John Paul 2020. Neutrophil extracellular traps activate IL-8 and IL-1 expression in human bronchial epithelia. American journal of physiology. Lung cellular and molecular physiology, ,

Lu, Yiyang; Liu, Xiaolei; Zhang, Erik; Kopras, Elizabeth J; Smith, Eric P; Astreinidis, Aristotelis; Li, Chenggang; Leung, Yuet-Kin; Ho, Shuk-Mei; Yu, Jane J 2020. Estrogen activates pyruvate kinase M2 and increases the growth of TSC2-deficient cells. PloS one, 15 2, e0228894

Jönsson, Åsa Lina M; Bendstrup, Elisabeth; Mogensen, Susie; Kopras, Elizabeth J; McCormack, Francis X; Campo, Ilaria; Mariani, Francesca; Escribano-Montaner, Amparo; Holm, Are M; Del Mar Martinez-Colls, Maria; Pintos-Morell, Guillem; Taillé, Camille; Crestani, Bruno; Hilberg, Ole; Hvarregaard Christensen, Jane; Simonsen, Ulf 2019. Eight novel variants in the SLC34A2 gene in pulmonary alveolar microlithiasis. The European respiratory journal, ,

Singla, Abhishek; Kopras, Elizabeth J; Gupta, Nishant 2019. Spontaneous pneumothorax and air travel in Pulmonary Langerhans cell histiocytosis: A patient survey. Respiratory investigation, 57 6, 582-589

Eckman, Mark H; Kopras, Elizabeth J; Montag-Leifling, Karen; Kirby, Lari P; Burns, Lisa; Indihar, Veronica M; Joseph, Patricia M 2017. Shared Decision-Making Tool for Self-Management of Home Therapies for Patients With Cystic Fibrosis. MDM policy & practice, 2 1, 2381468317715621

Gupta, Nishant; Kopras, Elizabeth J; Henske, Elizabeth P; James, Laura E; El-Chemaly, Souheil; Veeraraghavan, Srihari; Drake, Matthew G; McCormack, Francis X 2017. Spontaneous Pneumothoraces in Patients with Birt-Hogg-Dubé Syndrome. Annals of the American Thoracic Society, 14 5, 706-713

Li, Chenggang; Liu, Xiaolei; Liu, Yang; Zhang, Erik; Medepalli, Kantha; Masuda, Kohei; Li, Na; Kopras, Elizabeth J; Kwiatkowski, David J; Borchers, Michael T; Wikenheiser-Brokamp, Kathryn A; Osterburg, Andrew; Mays, Maxwell; Sun, Yang; Plas, David R; Sun, Julia L; Franz, David N; Capal, Jamie K; Alayev, Anya; Holz, Marina K; Krueger, Darcy A; Siroky, Brian J; Yu, Jane J 2017. Tuberin Regulates Prostaglandin Receptor-mediated Viability, via Rheb, in mTORC1-hyperactive Cells. Molecular cancer research : MCR, ,

Lu, Calvin; Lee, Hye-Seung; Pappas, George P; Dilling, Daniel F; Burger, Charles D; Shifren, Adrian; Veeraraghavan, Srihari; Chapman, Jeffrey T; Parambil, Joseph; Ruoss, Stephen J; Young, Lisa R; Hammes, Stephen R; Kopras, Elizabeth J; Roads, Tammy; Krischer, Jeffrey P; McCormack, Francis X 2017. A Phase II Clinical Trial of an Aromatase Inhibitor for Postmenopausal Women with Lymphangioleiomyomatosis. Annals of the American Thoracic Society, 14 6, 919-928

Oster, Robert A; Lindsell, Christopher J; Welty, Leah J; Mazumdar, Madhu; Thurston, Sally W; Rahbar, Mohammad H; Carter, Rickey E; Pollock, Bradley H; Cucchiara, Andrew J; Kopras, Elizabeth J; Jovanovic, Borko D; Enders, Felicity T 2015. Assessing statistical competencies in clinical and translational science education: one size does not fit all. Clinical and translational science, 8 1, 32-42

Kopras, Elizabeth; Potluri, Veena; Bermudez, Mei-Ling; Williams, Karin; Belcher, Scott; Kasper, Susan 2014. Actions of endocrine-disrupting chemicals on stem/progenitor cells during development and disease. Endocrine-related cancer, 21 2, T1-12

Haynes, Erin N; Beidler, Caroline; Wittberg, Richard; Meloncon, Lisa; Parin, Megan; Kopras, Elizabeth J; Succop, Paul; Dietrich, Kim N 2011. Developing a bidirectional academic-community partnership with an Appalachian-American community for environmental health research and risk communication. Environmental health perspectives, 119 10, 1364-72

Dwivedi, Alok Kumar; Dwivedi, Sada Nand; Deo, Suryanarayana; Shukla, Rakesh; Kopras, Elizabeth 2010. Statistical models for predicting number of involved nodes in breast cancer patients. Health, 2 7, 641-651

Dixon, Kathleen; Kopras, Elizabeth 2004. Genetic alterations and DNA repair in human carcinogenesis. Seminars in cancer biology, 14 6, 441-8

Ulrich, C D; Kopras, E; Wu, Y; Ward, S 2000. Hereditary pancreatitis: epidemiology, molecules, mutations, and models. The Journal of laboratory and clinical medicine, 136 4, 260-74

Ulrich, C D; Wood, P; Hadac, E M; Kopras, E; Whitcomb, D C; Miller, L J 1998. Cellular distribution of secretin receptor expression in rat pancreas. The American journal of physiology, 275 6 Pt 1, G1437-44

Jiang, S; Kopras, E; McMichael, M; Bell, R H; Ulrich, C D 1997. Vasoactive intestinal peptide (VIP) stimulates in vitro growth of VIP-1 receptor-bearing human pancreatic adenocarcinoma-derived cells. Cancer research, 57 8, 1475-80

Katoh, Y; Loukianov, E; Kopras, E; Zilberman, A; Periasamy, M 1994. Identification of functional promoter elements in the rabbit smooth muscle myosin heavy chain gene. The Journal of biological chemistry, 269 48, 30538-45

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