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Photo of  Keesha Goodnow, BAE

Keesha Goodnow, BAE

Research Assistant (NE)

Research Assistant

COM Fam Med Research

  • Bachelor of Arts in Education: Eastern Washington University
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Peer Reviewed Publications

Goroncy, Anna; Goldstein, Hannah; Goodnow, Keesha; Pallerla, Harini; Regan, Saundra 2020. Evaluating Resident Home Visit Performance: Introducing a Feedback Form Linked to ACGME Milestones. Journal of the American Geriatrics Society, 68 3, E1-E3

Goroncy, Anna; Makaroff, Katherine; Trybula, Marcus; Regan, Saundra; Pallerla, Harini; Goodnow, Keesha; Schlaudecker, Jeffrey 2020. Home Visits Improve Attitudes and Self-Efficacy: A Longitudinal Curriculum for Residents. Journal of the American Geriatrics Society, ,

Rich, M., Mattern, M., Pallerla, H. and Goodnow, K. 2020. Learning about community resources using the Jigsaw method Medical Education, ,

Schlaudecker, J., Zamudio, O., Goodnow, K., Pallerla, H., & Regan, S. 2020. Using Patient Voice to Personalize the Opioid Epidemic: An Evaluation of 2 Educational Interventions. Journal of Patient Experience, ,

Bedard-Thomas, Julia; Gausvik, Christian; Wessels, Jonathan; Regan, Saundra; Goodnow, Keesha; Goroncy, Anna 2019. I Live Alone but Don't Feel Alone: Social Isolation and Loneliness From the Patient Perspective. Journal of patient-centered research and reviews, 6 4, 262-266

Schlaudecker JD, Goodnow K, Goroncy A, Hartmann R, Regan S, Rich M, Butler A, White C 2019. Meaningful Partnerships: Stages of Development of a Patient and Family Advisory Council at a Family Medicine Residency Clinic J Participat Med , 11 1,

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