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Collaborative Research on Acute Neurological Injuries

Member Benefits


Requirements and Expectations for Members

  • Be accessible for collaboration or consultation with other CRANI members
  • Submit information for use on the CRANI website or in other media/reports
  • Attend CRANI meetings at least twice per year
  • Present at CRANI weekly meetings at least once biannually
  • Promote CRANI and its mission on a local, regional, and national platforms

Membership Benefits

  • Access to a novel network of investigators, laboratory assets, facilities and personnel with similar or complementary interests and expertise
  • Early access to leading scientific developments in ANI in the Cincinnati community
  • Use of CRANI lock-up/name on presentations and posters
  • Use of CRANI facilities descriptions in grant applications
  • Involvement in developing UC, CHM, and affiliates as a premiere destination for translational ANI researchers
Zonal Edema

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