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UC College of Medicine Community Regarding (COVID-19)

Coronavirus FAQ

What is happening with graduate school graduation this year?
Will the medical students have an opportunity to graduate early?
Is there more we could be doing in terms of education, research and patient care to respond to the pandemic and prepare for the surge?
What is the status of high school summer programs and camps at the College of Medicine?
What is the current recommendation on non-health care providers wearing masks?
How are we innovating in medical education in these changing times?
Will summer M1 research still be possible?
Can homemade masks be sanitized in your dryer for re-wear?
Should clinicians be wearing masks for all patient encounters?
What is being done to support healthcare providers (faculty and staff) well-being and burnout prevention?
Are undergraduate research experiences (SURF, co-op etc.) likely to be feasible in CoM labs this summer?
How long do you anticipate staff to be working remotely?
How do the restrictions on research affect M1 research scheduled to occur at Children's this summer?
What if we have someone who wants to help financially/donate, whom do we call?

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