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Biomedical Informatics

About the Chair: Peter S. White, PhD

Peter S. White, PhD, serves as the Rieveschl Chair of the Department at the College of Medicine, and also as the Director of the Division of Biomedical Informatics at Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center. This dual role is designed to bring both institutions closer together through sharing of health data, innovative technologies, and new computational approaches.

White oversees informatics research and resources at both institutions, including academic, research, and collaborative service missions. He also serves as co-director of Cincinnati Children's Center for Pediatric Genomics.

"We create and provide innovative computational approaches to enable the practice of precision medicine for investigators and clinicians in Cincinnati and around the world,” says White.

“Our goal is to drive the next generation of understanding and discovery of disease causes and cures through data sciences and to broadly empower multiple communities to improve human health. The collaborative nature of the UC Academic Health Center uniquely positions us to tackle some of the biggest and most complex health challenges facing our community and our nation.”

In his research career, White has explored the development and application of novel approaches for disease gene discovery. He has developed innovative approaches for integrating and disseminating clinical, phenotypic, and molecular data to researchers for promoting discovery and hypothesis validation. White is currently playing a lead informatics role on a number of national data projects.

White came to Cincinnati Children’s from the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, where he launched the Research Institute’s Center for Biomedical Informatics in 2006 and oversaw that center’s expansion in genome analysis. He has an undergraduate degree in biology and received a PhD in Molecular Genetics at Washington University in St. Louis in 1992.

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Peter White, PhD