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University Health Services

Medical and Health Professions Health Requirements 

The University of Cincinnati has a policy on Medical History Reports and Immunizations. Specific colleges of the university require certain students (i.e., international and health professional students) to submit medical history, immunization records and obtain TB skin testing or chest x-rays at matriculation.

Immunization history must be completed by your primary care provider. Completion and documentation of all immunizations is an absolute requirement for your safety and the safety of the patients you will serve throughout your enrollment at UC and your career. 

  • Your program will be supplying UHS with your University of Cincinnati email address. 
    Check your University Email account regularly for your invitation to register at Med+Proctor.


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    Submitting your information is easy!

    Step 1: Register
    Visit and click "register" to start a new account. Type in your school email address to get started and follow the directions to register a new account.

    Step 2: Download
    Fill out any required personal and medical information. Charges and fees are discussed on the Med+Proctor site. Please be sure to read all agreements. By checking the boxes you agree to the information provided within the agreements. Download the Immunization and Testing Certificate and follow the directions provided.

    Step 3: Upload
    Log back in to your Med+Proctor account and upload a copy of your forms. Make sure that the forms are complete and legible. You will receive an email confirmation once the forms have been reviewed.

    Handy Tips and Information for Successful  Upload of Records

    • A licensed healthcare provider MUST complete and sign the med+proctor immunization and testing certificate.
    • Print clearly with dark black ink. A computer will read your immunization and testing certificate. Therefore be sure to have dates and results written on the form in the spaces provided on the form. Do not write outside of the lines or add extra information.
    • Other forms of documentation can be uploaded as supporting documentation, but can not be ready by the computer.
    • Do not fold, cut, or mark on the border lines of the form.
    • Review your form for completeness and accuracy. Double check all signature.  MM/DD/YYYY date formats.
    • Lab reports including quantitative results must be uploaded as supportive documentation for all titers. 
    • Forms can be uploaded by scanning or JPEG images. An easy upload tip: Lay your document on a flat surface and take a picture with your cell phone. Then all you have to do is to upload that picture!

    Please do not submit your documentation to University Health Services. If you plan to visit UHS for any of the required vaccines, download the Med+Proctor Immunization  and TestingCertificate and bring it with you to your appointment. If you already have records on file at UHS, they are not automatically in Med+Proctor. You must download your form and make an appointment with a UHS provider to get your form filled out. You must then upload your form into Med+Proctor along with any supporting information that is required. Be sure to get copies of your lab reports before leaving your providers office. 

    You will not be permitted to participate in clinical training activities unless we have documentation that you are appropriately immunized. Your program will provide specific deadlines for completion. Please be sure to learn when those deadlines for completion occur and what penalties may result from not meeting your deadlines. All students who are not in compliance by program deadlines will be reported to their college and may be charged additional fees.

    Any submitted materials that violate the Student Code of Conduct and UC Honor Code, including the falsification of documentation, will result in disciplinary action which could include suspension from the program.  

    Program Preview Lists

    Please note: The Med+Proctor Immunization and Testing Certificate is a multi-program form that contains documentation space for items that your program may or may not require. Please read the instructions on the first page of the testing certificate carefully.  Below you can download a list of immunization and testing documentation required by your program. This list is to be used for preview only of the items that you will be expected to get documented on the official med+proctor immunization and testing certificate.

     College of Medicine (MD) (PDF)
     College of Medicine- Undergraduate Medical Sciences (PDF)
     College of Pharmacy (PDF)
     Athletic Training (PDF)
     College of Allied Health - Medical Laboratory Sciences (On Campus) (PDF)
     College of Allied Health - Medical Laboratory Sciences ( Distance Learner) (PDF)
     College of Allied Health - Doctor of Physical therapy (DPT) (PDF)
     College of Allied Health - Advance Medical Imaging Technology (PDF)
     UC Blue Ash - Radiologic Technology (PDF)
     UC Blue Ash - Medical Assistant (PDF)

    Annual Requirements

    All health profession students require annual TB testing and flu vaccine documentation for the length of their enrollment in their program.

    Please use the official UHS flu vaccine form if you obtain your flu vaccine off site.
    2016 - 2017 Flu Vaccine Form

    Annual TB testing

    Documentation of *Mantoux Tuberculin Skin Test (PPD) or QuantiFERON Gold/T-Spot blood test accepted.
    * Placement date, reading date and results must be documented. Test must be read within 48 - 72 hours. Test documentation must be on official provider office stationary and be signed by the provider.

    Physical Therapy Student Annual Physical Assessment

    Please take this form with you to be filled out by your provider and submit it annually for the length of your program enrollment.

    Physical Assessment Form (PDF)