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April 17th Day 1 – Heart, Lung, and Vascular Research

10:00-12:00pm Winkler Ctr. “Under Pressure! Heart, Lung, and Vascular Disease and Treatment throughout History”: Health Sciences Library Exhibition
12:00-1:00pm MSB 7051 “Technical Solutions for Sustainable Healthcare: Intravascular Imaging Guided Cardiovascular Interventions” - A.F.W. van der Steen, MSc, PhD
12:00-1:00pm Taft Research Center

“Emerging Technologies for Assessment of Concussion”

- Semyon M. Slobounov, PhD

1:00-2:00pm CARE Atrium Heart Health Research Fair

April 18th Day 2 – Neuroscience Research

8:00-9:00am Procter Hall 103

“Advancing the Science of Care for Family Caregivers of Stroke Survivors” -Tami Bakas, PhD, RN

9:00-11:30am CARE Atrium Neuroscience Poster Session
10:00-12:00pm Winkler Ctr. “19th Century Nervous Breakdown: Nerve Tonics, Pink Pills and Quackery”: Health Sciences Library Exhibition
11:30- 12:30pm MSB 7051 “A Gut Feeling about the Brain: The Microbiome as a Key Regulator of Stress Across the Lifespan” - John F. Cryan, PhD
12:45-2:15pm MSB 7051 Neurology Research Highlights
2:30-3:30pm MSB 7051 “Introduction to Music Therapy: A Diverse Profession Capable of Meeting Patients’ Multifaceted Needs” - Michael J. Silverman, PhD, MT-BC
3:45-4:45pm MSB 7051 Neurosciences Award Ceremony
5:00-6:30pm CARE Atrium

"Opera Singers and Jet Engines: Enlighten Voice Medicine" -Sid Khosla, MD, Rocco Dal Vera, MFA, and Ephraim Gutmark, PhD, DSc

Neurosciences Research Mixer

April 19th Day 3 – Biomedical Discovery Science

10:00-12:00pm Winkler Ctr. “The Pharm Team: The History of UC’s Cosmetic Science Program”: Health Sciences Library Exhibition
1:00-2:00pm MSB 5051

“Reverse Engineering Exceptional Responses to CAR T Therapy”

- Stephan A. Grupp, MD, PhD

2:15-4:00pm MSB 7051 “Communicating Science”: Graduate Student Three Minute Thesis (3MT®) Competition
4:15-6:30pm MainStreet Cinema (TUC) “If you see it on the Internet, it's probably not true: The joys of critical science communication” - Christopher Labos, MD CM, MSc, FRCPC & Jonathan Jarry, MSc

April 20th Day 4 – Cancer Research

 8:30- 12:00pm Tangeman University Center: Study Lounge & Atrium PRaISE (Presentation of Research & Innovative/Scholarly Endeavors)
10:00-12:00pm Winkler Ctr. “Radioactive: An Historic Look at Radiation’s Therapeutic Benefits and its Bodily Perils”: Health Sciences Library Exhibition
12:00-1:00pm MSB 7051

“PTEN upstream, instream and downstream”

- Ramon Parsons, MD, PhD

12:00- 3:00pm Tangeman University Center, 3rd & 4th floor Undergraduate Research Conference
1:00-2:30pm CARE Atrium Cancer Trainees Poster Session
3:30-4:50pm CARE Atrium Life in Medicine:Undergraduate Poster Session
4:00-5:00pm MSB 7051 “Leveraging Targetable Pathways Across Multiple Cancers”: Panel Discussion with Ramon Parsons, MD, PhD featuring UC, VA & CCHMC leaders in Cancer Research

April 21st - Day 5 – Hutton Ethics Lectureship

10:00-12:00pm Winkler Ctr. “At What Cost? Dilemmas and Compromises in Medical Ethics”: Health Sciences Library Exhibition
12:00- 1:00pm MSB 7051 “Making Research Ethics Richer by Engaging Diverse Stakeholders”: Hutton Ethics Lectureship - Jim Dubois, DSc, PhD
2:00-3:30pm CARE Atrium Highlighting Health Research:Undergraduate Poster Session


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