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Department of

Radiation Oncology

Alumni/Where Are They Now

 Graduate Name Attending Years Employer Name Current Location (City, State)
 Adriana Cordova, MS
 Medical Physicist

 2012-2014   Gamma Knife Center   San Juan, PR
 Michael Hardin, MD
 Medical Physics  Resident

 2012-2014    Thomas Jefferson University    Philadelphia, PA
 Joshua Hessler 
 Medical Physicist

 2012-2014  The Ohio State University Medical    Center  Columbus, OH
 Chera Rogers
 Medical Physicist

 2012-2014  Cancer Care Center   Elkins, WV
 Elvira Aaron
 Medical Physicist

 2011-2013   Wright-Patterson Air Force Base  Dayton, OH
 Carol Bodnar
 Medical Physicist

 2011-2013   Eastern Maine Medical Center  Bangor, MN
 Eric Cochran
 Medical Physics  Resident

 2011-2013  The Ohio State University Medical  Center  Columbus, OH
 Luis Bohorquez 
 Medical Physicist

 2010-2012   Prairie Radiological Physics
 Decatur Memorial Hospital
 Decatur, IL
 Mark Dimascio
 Medical Physicist

 2010-2012  South Florida Radiation Oncology  Boca Raton, FL
 Meredith Semon 
 Medical Physicist

 2010-2012   MJS Medical Physics  West Newton, PA
Barrett Center