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Christopher Carroll, MD

Neurosurgery Resident

  • Medical Degree: Medical College of Wisconsin
  • Undergraduate: University of Chicago
  • Graduate: Loyola University Chicago

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Gozal, Yair M; Carroll, Christopher P; Krueger, Bryan M; Khoury, Jane; Andaluz, Norberto O 2017. Point-of-care testing in the acute management of traumatic brain injury: Identifying the coagulopathic patient. Surgical neurology international, 8 , 48

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Martin, Grace E; Carroll, Christopher P; Plummer, Zach J; Millar, D A; Pritts, Timothy A; Makley, Amy T; Joseph, Bellal A; Ngwenya, Laura B; Goodman, Michael D 2017. Safety and Efficacy of Brain Injury Guidelines at a Level III Trauma Center. The journal of trauma and acute care surgery, ,

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Serrone, Joseph C; Jimenez, Lincoln; Hanseman, Dennis J; Carroll, Christopher P; Grossman, Aaron W; Wang, Lily; Vagal, Achala; Choutka, Ondrej; Andaluz, Norberto; Ringer, Andrew J; Abruzzo, Todd; Zuccarello, Mario 2014. Changes in computed tomography perfusion parameters after superficial temporal artery to middle cerebral artery bypass: an analysis of 29 cases. Journal of neurological surgery. Part B, Skull base, 75 6, 371-7

Carroll, Christopher P; Cochran, Joseph A; Guse, Clare E; Wang, Marjorie C 2012. Are we underestimating the burden of traumatic brain injury? Surveillance of severe traumatic brain injury using centers for disease control International classification of disease, ninth revision, clinical modification, traumatic brain injury codes. Neurosurgery, 71 6, 1064-70; discussion

Carroll, Christopher P; Cochran, Joseph A; Price, Janet P; Guse, Clare E; Wang, Marjorie C 2010. The AIS-2005 Revision in Severe Traumatic Brain Injury: Mission Accomplished or Problems for Future Research? Annals of advances in automotive medicine / Annual Scientific Conference ... Association for the Advancement of Automotive Medicine. Association for the Advancement of Automotive Medicine. Scientific Conference, 54 , 233-8

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