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Core Facilities

Our mission is to facilitate world-class, collaborative research—both basic and translational— in cerebrovascular diseases, neurotrauma and other acute neurological conditions by providing superb facilities, expertise and mentorship.

Our suite of core laboratories, well equipped and efficiently arranged, is located on the fifth floor of the Medical Sciences Building.

Dedicated areas in our laboratories support:

  • Cell/tissue culture
  • Neuromonitoring/ functional neurosurgery in animals
  • Rodent surgery and ex vivo tissue preparation
  • Rodent behavioral suite
  • Dark room and imaging equipment
  • Neurovascular physiology: functional vascular physiology and metabolism
  • Histology and slide preparation, microscopy
  • Tissue archiving; monitored and alarmed clinical trials storage
  • Molecular biology: protein separation and quantification
  • Molecular biology: DNA and RNA extraction and amplification

In combination with the established cores at the UC College of Medicine and Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, we can provide a comprehensive array of practical and intellectual approaches to a scientific problem, from inception to implementation, presentation and publication.


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