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Keller Lectureship in Surgical Neuroanatomy & Research

Since 1975, Dr. Jeffrey T. Keller, Research Professor of Neurosurgery & Anatomy and Cell Biology at the University of Cincinnati, has trained countless surgeons, residents, and medical students in applied neuroanatomy. His extensive investigations and laboratory dissections are infused with deep appreciation for the historical traditions of neuroanatomy. As an educator, Dr. Keller’s collaborations with colleagues are innovative and worldwide. Translating the intricacies of the brain and spinal anatomy into practical application has ultimately refined operative techniques.

Over the past 40+ years, Dr. Keller has trained close to 120 neurosurgery residents, postgraduate research fellows, and postgraduate clinical fellows, and so his commitment to compassionate care extends well beyond the bounds of his classroom and laboratory. To commemorate his service, each year the Keller Lectureship Fund will support a guest lecturer. Dr. Keller received the honor at the 2011 Department of Neurosurgery Graduation Dinner in his usual humble and gentle way. Dr. Keller remarked that he wasn’t sure he deserved the honor but graciously accepted, and said only that “Neurosurgery has been very, very good to me.” The Jeffrey T. Keller Lectureship was established by the Mayfield Education and Research Foundation in June 2011.

2016 Keller Lectureship in Neuroanatomy

Keller Lecturer: Marcos Tatagiba, MD, University of Tubingen, Germany

Part 1: Surgery of Petroclival Meningiomas via Retrosigmoid Suprameatal Approach
Part 2: Surgery of Vestibular Schwannomas in the Era of Radiosurgery

Approach to the Management of Vestibular Schwannoma, Harry R. van Loveren, MD

Transnasal Approach to the Petrous Apex Region, Lee A. Zimmer, MD, PhD

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Keller Lecturers

2017   Sebastien Froelich, MD, Lariboisiere Hospital, Paris

2016   Marcos Tatagiba, MD, University of Tubingen, Germany

2015   Paolo Cappabianca, MD, University of Naples, Italy

2014   Robert Spetzler, MD, Barrow Neurological Institute, Arizona, USA

2013   Takeshi Kawase, MD, Keio University, Japan

2012   Albert Rhoton, MD, University of Florida, USA



About Jeffrey Keller, PhD

‘Cincy’ honors neuroanatomy professor who enriches his students

When Jeffrey T. Keller, PhD, was pursuing his education in brain anatomy 40 years ago, he didn’t use the word mentor. It wasn’t in vogue back then. But he knew what a mentor was, and he understood the value of someone who sincerely cares about your career. “I knew that I was seeking mentors, and their genuine insight and guidance,” Dr. Keller says. “The people who influence you are vital to anyone’s career.”

Today, as Research Professor of Neurosurgery and Professor of Anatomy and Cell Biology at the University of Cincinnati, Dr. Keller is himself the quintessential mentor. Cincy magazine recently honored him as a member of its Outstanding Educators Class of 2012, a group of 30 exceptional professors who were selected from scores of nominations from students and colleagues. Dr. Keller has been training surgeons, residents and medical students in applied neuroanatomy since 1975.

Dr. Keller’s mastery of his subject is only the beginning. He honors his students with respect, enriches them with digressions into history and art, and supports them with an indefatigable interest in who they are. He gives them books for Christmas, lest they forget that a meticulously researched book is so much more than the first five entries on a search engine. And he lives the Socratic Method, an exercise in generosity that postulates that the student will surpass the teacher.

Keller Lectureship

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