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Spine Division

The division of spine surgery, distinguished as a leader in its field, is dedicated to (1) comprehensive management of diseases and disorders of the spine; (2) research that could lead to better treatments and outcomes for patients; and (3) the training of residents, fellows, and visiting physicians.

As the busiest of all clinical services available at Cincinnati hospitals, the division sees a large volume of cases overall and a significant number of highly complex cases. Residents and fellows thus immersed gain exposure to a wide range of spine pathology while achieving extensive and balanced training.

Members of the division work closely with physiatrists, physical therapists and pain management specialists to diagnose spine disease and treat patients using nonsurgical or surgical techniques.

Residents confront conditions ranging from the routine to the complex, including deformity, tumors, trauma and degenerative disease. Anterior and posterior procedures, minimally invasive procedures, and varied instrumentation techniques are emphasized.

Traumatic spine injuries are a major area of focus, and residents gain extensive experience in their management and treatment, primarily at University of Cincinnati Medical Center.

Research, an integral part of the division’s mission, involves basic science and clinical studies. Laboratories focus on spinal cord injury and soft tissue biomechanics, while the Goodyear Microsurgery Laboratory is home to studies directed at surgical anatomy and the development of innovative operative techniques and approaches.

Clinical trials, including those involving artificial disc replacement and minimally invasive spine instrumentation, keep physicians abreast of new and emerging technologies.


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