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Department of


Full Time Faculty

Photo of Joseph Cheng, MD, MS

Joseph Cheng, MD, MS

Academic Director

Photo of  Jed Hartings, PhD

Jed Hartings, PhD

Associate Professor

Photo of  George Mandybur, MD

George Mandybur, MD

Associate Professor

Photo of Laura Ngwenya, MD, PhD

Laura Ngwenya, MD, PhD

Assistant Professor

Emeritus Faculty

Pediatric Affiliate Faculty

Photo of  Karin Bierbrauer, MD

Karin Bierbrauer, MD

Associate Professor

Photo of  Steven Crone, PhD

Steven Crone, PhD

Assistant Professor

Photo of Charles Stevenson, MD

Charles Stevenson, MD

Associate Professor

Photo of Sudhakar Vadivelu, DO

Sudhakar Vadivelu, DO

Assistant Professor


Photo of  Patricia Bell

Patricia Bell

Administrative Director

Photo of Erika Correll

Erika Correll

Research Assistant-NE

Photo of Nancy McMahon, RN

Nancy McMahon, RN

Sr. Research Coordinator

Photo of  Lynn Money, RN, MSN

Lynn Money, RN, MSN

Research Coordinator


Photo of Daryn Cass

Daryn Cass

Graduate Medical Education

Photo of Justin Gibson

Justin Gibson

Graduate Medical Education

Photo of Michael Robinson, MD, PhD

Michael Robinson, MD, PhD