Today is Friday, Aug. 18, 2017

Department of

Neurology & Rehabilitation Medicine 

Headache Division

The Headache Division works through the UC Health Headache and Facial Pain Program of the UC Gardner Neuroscience Institute. This program offers hope to people who suffer from pain and haven’t found adequate relief. While an occasional headache is common, when head pain becomes chronic or debilitating, finding answers and relief may be much more difficult.

Academic Overview

Students and researchers in this division focus on the four types of headache: vascular (migraine, cluster headaches), muscle contraction (tension), traction (stroke) and inflammatory (sinus). They also look beyond the actual pain as headaches can serve as warning signals of more serious disorders. 

Areas of Expertise

UC brings together some of the nation’s foremost experts on headache and facial pain in a unique and rare program designed to bring answers and healing. With dozens of clinical specialties, leading treatment approaches and cutting-edge research, the program offers expert care to patients who have complex headache and facial pain conditions to help return them to full function and quality of life.

Research Activity

Faculty researcher are engaged in a wide variety of headache/migraine studies. 

Reena Shah, MD