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Department of

Molecular and Cellular Physiology


The Department of Molecular and Cellular Physiology is committed to education and research in both physiology and systems biology.

One major mission of the department is to educate developing scientists, physicians, and healthcare professionals. Our Systems Biology and Physiology Graduate Program offers a Ph.D. degree and an interdisciplinary faculty of over 60 members. We also offer a one-year Special Master's Program in Physiology, leading to the M.S. degree. The great majority of our M.S. graduates are accepted into a medical school. Finally, we contribute to the University's Undergraduate Program in Medical Sciences.

Our second major mission is in research. Our research teams apply state-of-the art techniques to illuminate both normal and pathological physiology. Expertise is present in a broad range of disciplines ranging from traditional physiology to computational modeling of complex systems. Researchers benefit from our departmental cores dedicated to microscopy and transgenic animal models.