Today is Sunday, Jun. 25, 2017

Department of

Molecular and Cellular Physiology


Welcome to the Department of Molecular and Cellular Physiology (MCP). Our goal is to advance the field of physiology by performing innovative biomedical research and providing our students with a challenging and supportive environment. 


Physiologists are curious about the ability of molecules to contribute to cell function, the ability of cells to contribute to tissue function, and the ability of tissues to affect organismal function. Physiology is the science that integrates simple mechanisms into complex systems.

Latest News/Events

March 24, 2017: Our latest doctoral graduate is Robert Koncar, whose dissertation "Exploiting genetic vulnerabilities to overcome treatment resistance in adult gliomas" was done under the mentorship of El Mustapha Bahassi, PhD.

March 22, 2017: John MacLennan, PhD has been chosen as the first winner of the Starr Family Spark Grant in ALS Research from the Mayfield Foundation.

Febraruy 28, 2017: At the annual scientific symposium of the Digestive Health Center, top prizes were won by graduate student Nina Bertaux-Skeirik (second place for "Patient-derived in vitro and in vivoorganoid models of gastric cancer") and research scientist Jayati Chakbrabarti (third place for "Hedgehog signaling regulates PDL-1 expression in gastric cancer cells to induce tumor proliferation"). Both projects were done under the guidance of Yana Zavros, PhD.