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Undergraduate Program in Medical Sciences

Career Resources


Preparing for Medical School

If your objective is a career in medicine, UC's Pre-Professional Advising Center should be your first stop in preparing for medical school. In addition, the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) provides information for prospective medical students at its website.
 Additional Online Resources:
 UC Pre-Medical Programs:
  • Pre-Medical School Programs—UC offers a range of programs to enrich the experience of undergraduate students whose goal is medical school, including summer programs and MCAT review
  • Special Master's Program in Physiology—UC's gap-year or special master's program (MS in Physiology) is designed to help students improve their credentials for admission to medical school

Research Careers

 Find out more about a career in biomedical research at the AAMC website    
 UC Biomedical Research Programs:

Exploring Other Health Professions

Find everything you want to know about a wide variety of health careers at    
UC Master's Programs in Health Sciences/Health Professions:    


Students with professor.

Medical Sciences Contacts

Anil Menon, PhD
Program Director

Dave Wieczorek, PhD
Director of Major Admissions

Beth Shelton, MEd
Program Coordinator

Rachel Shah, MEd
Academic Advisor