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Undergraduate Program in Medical Sciences

Upcoming Events

Below are program events, seminars, conferences and other special events that will be of interest to students in the Baccalaureate Program in Medical Sciences.

Medical Sciences Poster Fair

Friday, April 20, 2018
2:00 – 4:30 pm  |  CARE/Crawley Atrium

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Do you have a research project or service-learning project to share? Join us at the inaugural Medical Sciences Poster Fair!

Who can participate?

All Medical Sciences majors (from the freshman class to the senior class) who have participated in biomedical research or a service-learning project are invited to present a poster. Also welcome are Medical Sciences minors, and students majoring in other programs while conducting research in the laboratory of Medical Sciences faculty. The sign-up portal closed on April 17.

How do I plan/prepare my poster presentation?

Discuss your poster presentation with your faculty research mentor and your lab colleagues, or your service-learning supervisor. Discuss the content and design plan for your poster. Keep text to a minimum. Maximize the use of graphs and illustrations. Plan ahead, and be sure to reserve your time for poster printing well in advance.

Plan how you will describe the highlights of your poster to visitors in just 3–5 minutes. Keeping your prepared comments very brief will encourage discussion, questions and feedback that will be more beneficial to you than giving a long spiel.

How do I print my poster?

Visit poster printing for information. Reserve a time for poster printing. Prepare your poster by using the 36” × 60” template for PowerPoint. Please ask your faculty research mentor to reimburse you for poster printing. You will need first to pay for poster printing ($40) using your Bearcat card. Please remember to ask for a receipt! Provide the receipt to your mentor for reimbursement. Please contact Dr Bryan Mackenzie if you have questions about posters or reimbursement.

What do I do on the day?

Refer to the program (PDF) for your poster board number and presentation time. Hang your poster before 2:00 pm. You have been assigned to present your poster in either session I or II. When you are not presenting, please visit your friends’ and colleagues’ posters.

2:00 – 3:00 pm | Poster session I
3:00 – 4:00 pm | Poster session II
4:00 – 4:15 pm | Take down posters
4:15 – 4:30 pm | Awards (Room E801C)

View the full program (PDF)

Organizing Committee
David Askew, PhD | Director of Community Service Experiences
Bryan Mackenzie, PhD | Director of Research Experiences
Rachel Shah, MEd | Senior Academic Adviser


Ohio Physiological Society 2018  |  Cincinnati

September 28–29, 2018
University of Cincinnati  |  Medical Campus

OPS_logoThe University of Cincinnati will host the 33rd annual meeting of the Ohio Physiological Society (OPS). OPS is a local chapter of the American Physiological Society.

The two-day meeting will feature a keynote address, oral and poster presentations. OPS is an excellent opportunity for undergraduate students, graduate students, and other trainees to present their work at a regional meeting. More details to follow soon. For more information, please contact Dr Bryan Mackenzie.

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