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Undergraduate Program in Medical Sciences

Photo of Medical Sciences Minor Students with Faculty

Minor in Medical Sciences

The Medical Sciences minor is a selective program based at the UC College of Medicine and Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, and is taught by the faculty at these institutions. It is intended to provide students who major in any discipline outside the College of Medicine with a broad but rigorous foundation in both the scientific and clinical aspects of medicine and medical research. The curriculum for the minor includes challenging courses as well as important experiential learning opportunities such as research in some of the best laboratories in the country and seminars designed to support and engage students interested in the health professions. Overall, the student experience in the minor is designed to represent a subset of the requirements for a major in Medical Sciences. Progress toward the minor is tracked via degree progress audits and successful completion of the minor is documented on your UC transcript. Several of our graduates have gone on to top medical schools across the nation. 

Acceptance into the Medical Sciences minor is selective. Information about the admissions process can be found here.

Minor Requirements

Course Requirements

The Medical Sciences minor requires a total of eighteen (18) credits. At least fifteen (15) of those credits must be approved College of Medicine courses. The remaining credits may be approved College of Medicine courses or approved non-College of Medicine science courses. Students must receive a grade of "C" or better in all minor courses.

Students are encouraged to take advantage of the experiential research courses offered (MEDS 3030L and MEDS 4042L) as part of their required College of Medicine courses. Up to a maximum of six (6) credit hours of MEDS 3030L or MEDS 4042L will count toward the minor requirements.


    Seminar Requirement

    An integral component of the Medical Sciences minor is the Medical Sciences seminar. Minors are required to enroll in both MEDS 3000 and MEDS 3001 - graded, zero-credit seminar courses taken during fall and spring of junior year. Twice a month, minors will gather with Medical Sciences majors to attend seminars from a variety of professionals. Attendance is mandatory and any absences (due to a death in the family, illness, professional/academic conflict, etc.) must be submitted to the Program Coordinator, Beth Preising, for approval.

    Advising Requirement

    Students in the minor are required to meet with the Medical Sciences Academic Advisor, Rachel Shah, once a year for a progress review. Meeting with the program Academic Advisor will aid progress through the program and facilitate graduation with a Medical Sciences minor.

    Photo of Victoria Hammond

    Student Spotlight

    Victoria Hammond

    Major: Chemistry

    Minor: Medical Sciences

    Awards/Honors: Stella Potter and Hoke S. Greene Scholarship, M. Brayton Graff Scholarship Award, UC Chemistry Department Summer Research Fellowship

    Hometown: Louisville, KY

    Future Plans: I am interested in becoming a physician scientist, and I am currently applying to MD/PhD programs. 

    Favorite Part of Medical Sciences: Although there are many great things about the Medical Sciences program, my favorite part has been all of the interesting classes offered through the College of Medicine. My favorite class so far has been medical microbiology. In the medical microbiology course we study microorganisms, but we also have the opportunity to attend clinical case presentations from Infectious Disease physicians. I have been fascinated by infectious diseases for a while, so I have really enjoyed being able to learn more about the topic from physicians and researchers in the field.