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Undergraduate Program in Medical Sciences

Approved Non-College of Medicine Courses for Minors

Students must complete a minimum of eighteen (18) credit hours to satisfy the requirements of the Medical Sciences minor. At least fifteen (15) credit hours must be approved College of Medicine courses. The remaining three (3) credit hours may come from either approved College of Medicine courses or from the approved non-College of Medicine courses listed below.


Biological Sciences (McMicken College of Arts & Sciences)

BIOL 3020C

Human/Comparative Anatomy

BIOL 3021

Human/Comparative Physiology

BIOL 3030

Human Genetics

BIOL 3052

Medical Botany

BIOL 3077

DNA Forensics

BIOL 4011


BIOL 4020C

Invertebrate Zoology

BIOL 4022C

Vertebrate Zoology

BIOL 4040


BIOL 4043

Medical Parasitology

BIOL 4061

Molecular Genetics of Eukaryotes

BIOL 4091C


BIOL 5102C


BIOL 5104

Behavioral Genetics

BIOL 5177

Evolutionary Biology

BIOL 5180


BIOL 5193C

Human Physiology and Biomechanics

Biomedical Engineering (College of Engineering & Applied Science)

BME 2000C

Intro to Biomedical Engineering in the Clinical Environment

BME 4010C

Research Design II

BME 4021C

Tissue Biomechanics

BME 4050C

Medical Device Design II

BME 4051C

Biomaterials In Medical Devices

BME 4060

Mathematical Models of Physiology

BME 4061

Biostatistics in Research

BME 6010

Biomedical Ultrasound

BME 6011

Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Spectrocopy

BME 6012

Biomedical Signal and Image Processing

BME 6024

Joint Biomechanics and Measurement Methods

BME 6030

Functional Tissue Engineering

Chemistry (McMicken College of Arts & Sciences)

CHEM 3040

Introduction to Biochemistry

CHEM 4040

Molecules of Life

CHEM 4041

Biochemical Energy

Health Sciences (College of Allied Health Sciences)

HLSC 3014

Pharmacology for Health Sciences

HLSC 3023C


HLSC 3032C

Physiology of Exercise I

HLSC 3033C

Physiology of Exercise II

HLSC 4015C

Introductory Gross Anatomy

HLSC 4024C

Applied Biomechanics

HLSC 4025C

Motor Learning and Human Performance

Neuroscience (McMicken College of Arts & Sciences)

NS 2001

Fundamentals of Neuroscience I

NS 2002

Fundamentals of Neuroscience II

NS 4001

Independent Research in Neuroscience

NS 4010

Neurophysiology Laboratory

Experience-Based Learning & Career Education

PD 1000

Exploring Health Professions


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Medical Sciences Contacts

Anil Menon, PhD
Program Director

Dave Wieczorek, PhD
Director of Major Admissions

Beth Shelton, MEd
Program Coordinator

Rachel Shah, MEd
Academic Advisor