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Undergraduate Program in Medical Sciences

Medical Sciences in South America

Cusco, Peru

Favorite Memories
  • Visiting Machu Picchu; zip-lining; mountain biking through the clouds; seeing how different healthcare is in Peruvian clinics
  • My favorite part of this experience was definitely being put into a situation where I was not familiar with my surroundings. I was not the best at communicating in Spanish and did not know much about Peruvian customs and culture. Regardless, I was able to converse with the patients at the clinic and was excited to learn how the health care system runs in another country. Roaming around the city with nothing but a map was also entertaining as I witnessed the lifestyle of Peruvians first hand. 

Cusco, Peru Summer 2017

Zip-lining in Peru Summer 2017

Machu Picchu, Peru Summer 2017
hiking snow-covered mountains in Peru Summer 2017

Peru Summer 2017

Cusco, Peru

  • International Volunteer HQ
  • Find more information about IVHQ here

student sitting on a mountaintop in Peru

students sitting with children at a Peruvian school

students shadowing at a clinic in Peru
students on a mountain in Cusco, Peru

Favorite Memories
  • Spending time volunteering at a clinic in the Poroy provenience gave me an insight into the medical field, but the best part of the project I was assigned was being able to spend time with the children at the local public schools where we helped perform yearly check ups. Spending time with these children gave me a glimpse into not only their school life but through conversation I was able to develop my understanding of the Peruvian culture as well as elaborate upon my Spanish skills.  
  • Being able to immerse myself into a new culture; hiking 8km to the top of a mountain for a literal breathtaking view; visiting Machu Picchu; working in a clinic and learning about healthcare in Peru

students at Machu Picchu, Peru
World Map- South America