Today is Tuesday, Mar. 20, 2018

Undergraduate Program in Medical Sciences

Meet Our 2017-2018 Student Government


Rahul, President

Hometown: Mason, OH

Class of: 2019

I chose to dedicate my undergraduate years at UC to pursuing a degree in Medical Sciences, because the program has the connections, resources and opportunities to make me confident I can achieve my career goal of becoming a physician scientist. This program is particularly valuable to me because of the renowned Medical Sciences faculty and staff that are passionate about preparing us for Medical/Graduate School and beyond both in and out of the classroom. Apart from the academic side of Medical Sciences, the program is also very attractive because of how close-knit the students are. Through having Learning Communities, classes, and extracurricular experiences together, the Medical Sciences students have the opportunity to create strong bonds with like-minded peers.

Fun Fact: I met the King of Spain when shadowing physicians in Spain last summer!


Minh, Internal Vice President

Hometown: Cincinnati, OH

Class of: 2019

I chose MedSci because I wanted the chance to further my education in a city I love and where I want to make a difference.

Fun Fact: I can eat Skyline at any time, any day of the year.


Colin, External Vice President

Hometown: Lexington, KY

Class of: 2020

The Medical Sciences program is unique in that it is housed inside UC's medical school, giving opportunities for classes and mentoring that are not available anywhere else. I was homeschooled, and used to a small class size (just me!...not really. I took many dual-credit classes during high school), so the size and selectivity of the program appealed to me as well. 

Fun Fact: I have played the piano since I was five (and have continued to play while at UC). 


Lauren, Secretary

Hometown: West Chester, OH

Class of: 2020

Med Sci was the perfect stepping stone to get me to achieve my future goals and dreams. I love how Med Sci is able to adapt with me to better support me.

Fun fact: When I'm not in the lab working on pain circuits, you will often find me typing away on my laptop working on articles or other news stories! I am a contributor for The News Record, UC's student newspaper, and am even working towards a minor/certificate in Rhetoric & Professional Writing.


Nora, Treasurer

Hometown: Cincinnati, OH

Class of: 2019

I chose Medical Sciences because of the exceptional opportunities the program offers. Since Medical Sciences is the only undergraduate major in the nation which functions within a College of Medicine, I have the unique opportunity to take challenging courses under world-renowned researchers and physicians. When I’m not learning about Genetics or Embryology at UC, I can walk across the street to Children’s Hospital to shadow and perform Immunology research at the number three pediatric hospital in the nation. These excellent opportunities were available from the moment I stepped on campus, and that is largely due to the fact that Medical Sciences’ faculty and advisors take the time to learn each student’s interests and goals. With less than forty students in my grade, my Medical Sciences classmates have become some of my closest friends as we progress through the challenging yet rewarding major.

Fun Fact: I backpacked and canoed more than 100 miles over 8 days in northern Minnesota a few years ago. There were several nights where we had to relocate our campsite to a different island because we were near a bear den!


Avanti, Senator

Hometown: Blacklick, OH

Class of: 2019

I have a great appreciation for the Medical Sciences program with the amazing opportunities that are offered to us such as exclusive shadowing opportunities, the relatively small cohort sizes, accessibility to amazing advisors, and the mentoring program with the medical students and faculty. 

Fun Fact: I absolutely love ice cream so I recently started making homemade ice cream, and my favorite flavor so far is orange chocolate-hazelnut! I’ve also had so much fun being on the MedSci intramural basketball team for the past two years despite poor athletic abilities. 


Joanna, Senator

Hometown: Hebron, KY

Class of: 2020

I selected Medical Sciences program for so many reasons, but mainly because of the small class size and the massive amount of individual attention that every student receives in this program. The faculty and staff are very accessible to students and are always willing to help with anything that you need.

Fun Fact: I am a triplet with two other brothers who are also attending UC!