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Undergraduate Program in Medical Sciences

Meet Our Students

Photo of Medical Sciences Major Students

Class of 2019

The integrated academic, experiential, and mentored opportunities based out of the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine and Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center provided by the Undergraduate Program in Medical Sciences attracted me to the major; the personal, individualized investment and welcoming into the Medical Sciences ‘family’ that members of the program extended towards me cemented my desire to join this world-class cohort of faculty, staff, and students.

In no other academic institution or program, either Ivy League or research-institution-based, could I ever dream of, let alone accomplish, co-founding and operating a campus-wide Ambassadors Program that spans both the undergraduate and medical college—before the start of my freshman year. The passion and dedication of my fellow Medical Sciences classmates in pursuit of their dreams—and the guidance and friendship they offer along the way—serves as a daily reminder that this university, and program, is where I am meant to be.

- Scottie, c/o 2019



MedSci Students with Program Director Dr. Anil Menon
I joined the Medical Sciences program for the incredible opportunities it provides for its students. Connections with Medical School faculty, connections with local hospital officials, research/shadowing opportunities and the ability to take advanced medical courses truly sets the Medical Sciences program apart at the University of Cincinnati and makes it a program unlike any other.

I feel that the Medical Sciences program will allow me to excel academically while also building up my spirit and humanistic side, allowing me to become the best physician scientist that I can be, with a strong understanding of both the science behind medicine as well as the compassionate touch that is needed in the modern day medical world.

- Kyle, c/o 2019

Photo of the Class of 2020

Class of 2020

The unique Medical Sciences program provides an environment for me to take my ideas and passions and fearlessly run with it, as I have a tremendous support system behind me to guide me when I stumble. With the new Medical Sciences major, I will be able to engage in a unique pre-clinical curriculum that will expose me to courses taught by professors from the College of Medicine, and thus equip me to succeed in medical school and beyond.

The Medical Sciences program recognizes the importance of putting what is learned into action, and provides students with an abundance of opportunities (not just limited to research) to translate head knowledge into creative solutions to real-life issues. Due to the relatively small size of the program, those of us in Medical Sciences have become a close-knit family that learns, grows, and succeeds together.

- Sarah, c/o 2019





Photo of Medical Sciences students at an ice cream social with President Ono

Medical Sciences Contacts

Anil Menon, PhD
Program Director

Dave Wieczorek, PhD
Director of Major Admissions

Beth Shelton, MEd
Program Coordinator

Rachel Shah, MEd
Academic Advisor