Today is Tuesday, Mar. 26, 2019

Medical Sciences Baccalaureate Program

Student Ambassadors

The College of Medicine undergraduate student ambassadors serve as the face of the program to prospective students and families as well as the Cincinnati and national communities. Ambassadors are vital contributors to recruitment events such as Close-Up sessions, open houses, high school visits, and campus tours.



Rohan ('19) | President

Hometown: Brunswick, OH

About Me: As a Cleveland native, I knew I needed to find my place in a community at UC. The Medical Sciences program would be one of those communities which would make me feel accepted. The major provides a rigorous curriculum, but I have found that MedSci students are always working together inside and outside the classroom. Students in Medical Sciences choose collaboration over competition, and because of this I have found some of my best friends.

Fun Fact: My parents actually DIDN'T name me after a city in Lord of the Rings.

Rahul ('20) | Vice President

Hometown: Portland, OR

About Me: Medical Sciences for me represents an exciting opportunity to obtain an undergraduate education focused on developing skills necessary for a career as a physician. The program is incredibly well designed to offer unique courses with renowned faculty and provides an excellent stepping stone to prepare me for medical school!

Fun Fact: Apart from hours spent studying, researching, or shadowing, you can often find me on the basketball courts at UC’s rec center and on the soccer fields, where I enjoy competing in intramurals or just for fun! 



Paul ('19) | Treasurer

Hometown: Johnstown, OH

About Me: I selected Medical Sciences because I saw that it was the most competitive pre-medicine option at both UC and OSU. As part of this major, you have access to a variety of resources including College of Medicine faculty and individualized advising.

Fun Fact: Every time I have a free elective I try to occupy it with a music class. I have been playing guitar for 7 years and love playing with other people! 

Scott ('21) | Secretary

Hometown: Mason,OH

About Me: When I first started my college search, I had no idea what I wanted to do. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to go into computer science or medicine, but I knew UC had amazing programs for both! When I first heard a presentation about the Medical Sciences program, however, I was hooked! Now, as a student here, every one of my peers supports one another and we work together, utilizing all of the world class resources afforded to us through this amazing program. With abundant opportunities for learning both in and outside of the classroom, the Medical Sciences program is truly special!

Fun Fact: I have a twin brother who also attends UC (we look nothing alike though, so you won’t see a carbon copy of me walking around campus). I’m also a saxophone player and I play at parties and events around the Cincinnati area!  



Abby ('20) | Recruitment Chair

Hometown: Centerville, OH

About Me: There are so many reasons why Medical Sciences stood out to me among all of the programs I applied to for undergrad. The opportunities we are given in this program to get involved in meaningful research, volunteering, pre-health internships, and shadowing (and so much more!) are invaluable to me. The connections we make through those opportunities are also so important for our future in medicine. With the pre-medicine track being so competitive, Medical Sciences has demystified and simplified the whole process in a major way for me. I feel so blessed to be in such an amazing and unique program and can't say enough about it!

Fun Fact: I am minoring in French and hope to use that language in combination with medicine to work for Doctors Without Borders some day! 

Akshar ('19)

Hometown: Centerville,OH

About me: I decided to major in Medical Sciences because of the many opportunities available to me thanks to having a college based out of the UC College of Medicine. The Medical Sciences program has helped me with shadowing volunteering and research. But even more than that, I have found a great community of motivated peers who work collaboratively together. The Med Sci community is one of my favorite parts of the major! 

Fun Fact: I took a study abroad trip to North America!



Andie ('20)

Hometown: Lawrenceburg, IN

About Me: I chose MedSci for the amazing curriculum, faculty, and opportunities it allows each student to have. It is extremely unique: no other program permits students to develop sincere connections with faculty, fellow students (both undergraduate and graduate), and practicing physicians like Medical Sciences does. I am proud to be a part of the first undergraduate program to be housed in a medical school in the United States!

Fun Fact: I am a black belt in karate, and I have been on the AAU USA National Karate Team eight times. I have traveled abroad to seven different countries to compete, a few being Japan, Australia, and Ireland. I have also been teaching karate since the eighth grade. 

Cassidy ('19)

Hometown: Springfield, OH

About Me: I picked MedSci because I believed it would be the best major to help me prepare for medical school and I ended up getting so much more than that! Not only am I learning how to prepare for medical school academically, but I've also had the opportunity to participate in research as an undergraduate and shadow physicians at one of the best children's hospitals in the nation, opportunities that have helped me to shape my career goals and to discover my passions. I've also been able to meet and build relationships with some of the best people ever. The MedSci faculty, staff, and students have created a supportive and family-like environment that I am beyond grateful to have.

Fun Fact: My sisters like to call me a jukebox because I have a knack for memorizing song lyrics. I also really like to paint whenever I have free time. It's a good way for me to relax.



Chloe ('21)

Hometown: Milford, OH

About Me: When I was choosing a college major, I knew that I wanted to go into medicine, but I did not want to go down the traditional route of a biology degree, and no other majors suited my interests. When I found the Medical Sciences major at UC, I knew that it was the perfect fit for me. As a current MedSci student, I can say that the volunteer, research, shadowing, and educational opportunities along with the close-knit cohort of students and faculty have far exceeded my expectations. Especially because I am interested in pediatric medicine, MedSci’s connection with Cincinnati Children’s Hospital has done wonders in helping me pursue my career goals. I am so grateful for all of the support that the Medical Sciences Program provides to prepare students for medical school and beyond.

Fun Fact: In addition to my love of the medical field, I really enjoy learning about history. I am a member of the UC Hepcats swing dance club and know how to play the colonial fife.

Ellie ('20)

Hometown: Mason, OH

About Me: I chose MedSci because of the research, shadowing, and mentoring opportunities that allow students to have a deeper understanding of what careers in medicine are like, as prepare students to pursue them. In addition, being able to take classes on the medical campus is a unique opportunity for students like me, who are passionate about science, to explore topics like microbiology and biochemistry on a deeper level and develop relationships with faculty who are experts in their fields. Also, having a close-knit community of faculty and students who support each other was a big draw for me, as I am being motivated to explore my interest in science, but I also have a MedSci family that is helping me pursue my passions outside the classroom. Being in a collaborative, supportive environment is especially important when transitioning into college, and I can’t thank those involved in this program enough for the support they provide!

Fun Fact: While I am a food-lover who will eat just about anything, I absolutely cannot stand bananas.



Logan ('21)

Hometown: Harrison, OH

About Me: I chose Medical Sciences because I feel like there is no other major or program that better prepares students for medical school, as well as for a career and life in medicine. There are virtually unlimited opportunities to shadow local physicians, to work in a lab doing hands on research, and to make connections with renowned faculty. The curriculum is also unique in that it allows students to take classes on medical campus that are very advanced and apply directly to the knowledge necessary to succeed in med school. The community and extensive support system MedSci has in place basically makes success imminent.

Fun Fact: One time I was on a Chilito kick and ate 13 in 4 days. If you don’t know what a chilito is I suggest you drive on over to Skyline and find out!

Meridith ('20)

Hometown: Rochester, MI

About Me: I chose Med Sci for the incredible opportunities for research, shadowing, volunteering, and self-discovery that have been available to me since day one. I feel so prepared to apply to medical school thanks to the experiences I’ve gained through this program, which have helped me explore my passions and learn not only how to be a great physician, but how to be the best version of myself I can possibly be!

Fun Fact: I text my mom every day asking for pictures of my dog (he’s a Golden Doodle named Bentley!)



Minh ('19)

Hometown: Cincinnati, OH

About Me: I chose MedSci because I wanted the chance to further my education in a city I love and where I want to make a difference.

Fun Fact: I can eat Skyline at any time, any day of the year.

Newsha ('19)

Hometown: Cincinnati, OH

About Me: I chose to major in Medical Sciences due to the amount of structure and support that this program offers. Being able to take classes in UC College of Medicine and having access to numerous opportunities to gain shadowing, research, and volunteering experiences will undoubtedly prepare me the best for a career in medicine.

Fun Fact: I went to 4 different high schools, lived in 3 cities, speak 2 languages, and have 1 goldfish. 



Reiley ('21)

Hometown: Minerva, OH

About Me: I chose Medical Sciences because it was the only program in the state, and even that I knew of in the country, that offered a degree that didn’t nail me down to one specific science, giving me the ability to explore my passions while also being given endless resources in research, shadowing, volunteering, and building connections. I felt there was no place I could go that would better prepare and challenge me for medical school in the path that I had envisioned than UC! 

Fun Fact: When I’m not in Langsam or at Roh’s studying, I spend my time outside! I love to hike, run, backpack, climb, and pretty much every other outdoor activity you can think of. Before going to medical school, I plan to hike the Appalachian Trail!

Sam ('20)

Hometown: Mansfield, OH

About Me: Hi! My name is Sam Paul, I am a third year Medical Sciences student, I am from Mansfield, Ohio, and I am hoping to one day be a physician. Coming to the University of Cincinnati to study Medical Sciences has been one of the best choices I have ever made. Medical Sciences has provided me the freedom to pursue the things I love, such as Club Soccer and nutrition, while giving me access to the best possible resources to aid my academic career. Our faculty and staff are outstanding, showing care and love for our students in a way that makes us all feel like family. Medical Sciences has given me all the tools necessary to succeed as a future Medical Professional, but done so in a way that also allows me to explore my college experience for what I want it to be. 

Fun Fact: I am working to be the third generation of physicians in my family.



Sarah ('19)

Hometown: Dublin, OH

About Me: I chose to be part of Medical Sciences because it provides me with incredible opportunities both in and out of the classroom to learn and explore my passions. I’ve been able to take graduate-level courses with renowned faculty and medical professionals and have been provided with research and service opportunities to expand my scope of knowledge and gain deeper perspective of the world around me – experiencing unbelievable growth along the way. However, the best part is the amazing support system this program has provided me with, from advisors and mentors to the wonderful community of kind, dedicated, and genuine students who have become my second family.

Fun Fact: I love exploring the city during my free time and discovering new cafés, brunch spots, and hole-in-the-wall restaurants which turn out to be local hidden gems. I’m hopelessly addicted to coffee and have been trying to make the transition to tea for years now, although at this point it seems like a futile effort.   

Scottie ('19)

Hometown: Cincinnati, OH

About Me: I chose Medical Sciences because of the opportunities to interact with medical professionals who serve as role models on a daily basis, the community of intelligent, motivated, and kind students, and the program's commitment to bringing out the very best in Medical Sciences students.

Fun Fact: You can find me promoting the University of Cincinnati and Medical Sciences as both a ROAR Tour Guide and MedSci Ambassador, performing research on congenital hydrocephalus at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, or displaying my athleticism (or lack thereof) on the current season’s MedSci intramural teams. I hope to one day subspecialize in pediatric medicine and perform pediatric research in the Cincinnati area.