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Evaluations & Procedure Training


Our evaluation process is an in-depth multilevel process, which is both formative and summative. It is designed to help residents self reflect, set personal goals for both the short and long term, recognize strengths and weaknesses.

Included in the evaluation process is feedback from multiple settings including outpatient and inpatient realms. This feedback comes from attendings, team leaders, peers, patients, staff and learners. In addition, feedback is given from the scholarly projects the residents participate in. There are also self reflection/goal setting tools we use extensively.

In addition, we benefit from robust evaluation systems from our categorical programs. Innovative and ground breaking is the work we are doing on milestones and Entrustable Professional Activities with the UC Department of Internal Medicine.

Data from the residents own practice is also available, and includes ages of patients, diseases managed, and clinic productivity.

As part of our new EMR, we will also be able to give the residents their individual practice data, whether they have achieved treatment goals, where improvement needs to occur.

All of this data is available for the residents to review with the program leadership.


Procedure Training

There are a number of settings in which procedure training occurs. There are simulation labs at both the College of Medicine and the pediatrics department where the residents are provided with many opportunities to learn. There is a physical exam practicum which each med-peds resident participates and is evaluated on. There are rotations that are mandatory and elective for learning procedures.

Lastly, there are procedure checklists and teaching tools which are used in the clinical setting for establishing competence.


More Information

For more information on the Medicine-Pediatrics Residency Program, please contact us at:

Medicine-Pediatrics Residency Program
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Program Director:
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