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Carrdevon Devon Carr: Devon came to us from the University of Miami, where he was AOA and class Vice President for 2 years. His undergraduate degree, a BA in the Biological Basis of Behavior is from the University of Pennsylvania, where he graduated summa cum laude. He was also a varsity swimmer, and lettered for 4 years while swimming for the University of Pennsylvania. As an NCAA division 1 athlete, he received the Academic All-Ivy award and the Philadelphia Inquirer Academic All-star award for 3 years running. His research interests in global health led him to do a needs assessment in the Dominican Republic, where he traveled yearly to help provide needed care. He presented 3 posters from this research. Devon speaks French and Japanese, as well as basic Spanish. His hobbies include swimming, travel, outdoors, and reading. We recognized early on that Devon will be a leader that inspires all of us to be better! His career interests are in academic med-peds.
Alicia Alicia Caldwell: Alicia came to us from Wayne State University, where she was AOA, as well as the recipient of multiple merit scholarship awards. As a medical student, Alicia participated in a project to create a comprehensive evaluation system for students. She went on to do Quality Improvement research in hospital acquired UTI and intubation protocols. During her undergraduate years at Michigan State University, where she earned a BS Physiology and was valedictorian of her class, she did research on the mammary proliferative responses to estrogen and progesterone. She also worked to determine hearing loss from ear bud volume settings. From these various projects she has a publication in Hormones and Cancer, as well as 2 additional manuscript submissions. Although Alicia’s brilliance speaks for itself, her humility is equally impressive. We are thrilled to have her train with us in Cincinnati! Alicia’s interests include cooking, hiking, canoeing, water skiing, and travel. Her career interests are in academics.
Monique Monique Jindal: Monique is from our home program at the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine, where she was a dual admission recipient based on her qualifications. She was able to earn her undergraduate degree, a BA in Spanish, from the University of Cincinnati in just 3 years as part of the dual admission. Monique went on to a distinguished career as a medical student by providing a unique depth and breadth of service to the school and community. For this she received our highest award for service. These projects involved international medicine, with travel to Honduras, Peru, India and multiple trips to Mexico. The 6 months she spent in India prior to starting medical school was in part in Mother Teresa’s Home for the Dying and Destitute in Calcutta. Stateside she was involved in the Initiative on Poverty, Justice and Health, which is an interdisciplinary group working to provide care to the underserved and real advocacy opportunities. She also served our medical school in many other projects. Her commitment to serve makes her a role model for all. Monique’s hobbies include spinning, pilates, and international health. This is her career interest as well.
Timothy Timothy Lee: Tim came to us from the Loma Linda University School of Medicine. While there, he did research leading to a publication on splenic irradiation to reduce brain injury in ischemic stroke using a rat model. His undergraduate degree is a BA in Religion from Northwestern. During that time he was a leader in a large Intervarsity Christian Fellowship group. Between undergrad and medical school Tim worked as an EMT, tennis coach, and SAT teacher. He used this time to solidify his commitment to medicine, which he was able to utilize in counseling peers during medical school. Tim’s Emotional Quotient is exceptional. He is described as thoughtful and articulate-and these are vast understatements. We have already appreciated his insights and attitude. His interests include tennis, world religions, NBA basketball, and food. His career interests are undecided, but with his counseling skills, primary care is an exceptional match!
Hilary Hilary Miller: Hilary came to us from West Virginia University School of Medicine, where she had a merit scholarship, and received the Gold Humanism award for her dedication to others. She was very active in medical school serving the academic center and community, including spearheading outreach for rural underserved. Hilary’s undergraduate degree is from Shepard University and is a BS in Chemistry, also with many awards. She presented 2 posters from her undergraduate research on the effects of nanoparticles and toxins on lung inflammation, and 1 poster on her research during medical school on project R.E.A.C.H., which sought to develop a student-run outreach program. Hilary was described as having tremendous professionalism and wonderful communication skills with patients. We know her kind spirit will make her beloved among patients and colleagues alike. Her interests include movies, reading, travel, and community service. Career interests are undecided.
Jessica Jessica Scott: Jessica is AOA from the University of Alabama School of Medicine. While there she did research into the levels of ADAMTS13 inhibitor activity and cardiac markers in patients with TTP and its relationship with response to plasmapheresis. This resulted in an abstract and manuscript submission. In addition, she presented this research at the plenary session of the national American Society for Apheresis meeting in Denver in May of 2013! She also followed her passion for international medicine in a 3 week trip to remote Himalayan villages where they provided medical care. She also participated in a Medical Spanish immersion experience in Mexico. Jessica was an active volunteer in every community she has lived. Her undergraduate degree is from the University of North Carolina, and was a BS in Biology. Jessica is someone who is instantly warm and caring with everyone, a true nurturer. Her interests are reading, art, running, tennis, and college sports. Go Bearcats! Her career interests are in academics.
Anna Anna Yan: Anna came to us from the University of Wisconsin, where she was a Gold Humanism awardee. During medical school, Anna was very active both in the medical center as well as the community. Her research was in spinal cord regeneration using the rat hemisection model which led to a publication in Biomaterials. She also traveled to Ecuador to provide care and work on her medical Spanish. As an undergrad, Anna spent 3 months in China as a study abroad student, studying Mandarin and Chinese Medicine. Her undergraduate degree is also from Northwestern University. She majored in Chemistry and minored in Global Health. Anna has also been a traditional Chinese Dance Instructor and badminton coach. She speaks Mandarin, German and Spanish! Anna was described warm, sweet, personable and insightful, characteristics that make her lovely to be around!!! Her interests include travel, food, dance, and badminton. Her career interests are in academics.
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