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Dialysis Vascular Access Research Program - Invited Presentations

The following listing of invited presentations were selected from over 100 presentations on dialysis access by members of the Dialysis Vascular Access Research Group.

  • Alternatives to Avoid Neointimal Hyperplasia: Invited Presentation, 3rd Vascular Access Society Meeting, Lisbon, May 21st, 2003
  • Plenary Session Presentation, Uremic Vasculopathy and Dialysis Access: from Bedside to Bench to Bedside, St. Michael’s Hospital, Toronto, Ontario, June 20th, 2005.
  • Biology of Intimal Hyperplasia, Clinical Symposium, American Society of Nephrology Meeting, Philadelphia, November 13th, 2005
  • Vascular Stenosis in Medicine and Nephrology: Novel Therapies for a Recalcitrant Clinical Problem. Guest Speaker, Peritoneal Dialysis Society of India Annual Meeting, Chandigarh, India, Feb 5th, 2006
  • Hemodialysis Vascular Access Dysfunction: from Bedside to Bench to Bedside. John Cunio Memorial Lecture and Medical Grand Rounds, University of Miami, Miller School of Medicine, National Kidney Foundation of Florida, May 25th 2006.
  • Hemodialysis Vascular Access Dysfunction: New Paradigms for a Difficult Clinical Problem, Brazilian Congress of Nephrology, Gramado, Brazil, October 10, 2006.
  • Dialysis Access and Endothelial Dysfunction: New Paradigms for an Old Problem, Invited Presentation at the American Society of Pediatric Nephrology, Toronto, Canada, May 2007
  • Cells, Genes and Drugs: Novel Therapies for Dialysis Access Dysfunction, National Kidney Foundation Annual Meeting, Dallas, TX, April 2, 2008
  • Biological Aspects of Vascular Access, European Vascular Access Course, February 2009, Maastricht, Netherlands.
  • New Paradigms for Dialysis Access Dysfunction: from Hemodynamic Shear Stress to Endothelial Function, 6th Vascular Access Meeting, Rome, Italy, April 2009
  • Biology of AV Fistula Failure, 1st Israeli Vascular Access Meeting, Tel-Aviv, Israel, January 12, 2010
  • Advances in the Pathophysiology and Treatment of Neointimal Hyperplasia in 4th Bi-Annual St, Michael’s Hospital Vascular Access Symposium 2010, Toronto, April 9, 2010.
  • Inflammation and Cardiovascular Dysfunction in Hemodialysis Access, American Society of Diagnostic and Interventional Nephrology 7th Annual Scientific Conference, Las Vegas, NV, February 13, 2011
  • Endovascular versus Surgery: Is there a pharmacological and molecular basis. Charing Cross Vascular meeting, London, United Kingdom, April 12, 2010
  • Pathophysiology and Therapeutic Aspects in Vascular Access Patients, European Society of Vascular Surgery Annual Meeting, Amsterdam, Netherlands, September 18th, 2010.
  • Gerald Beathard State of the Art lecture, American Society of Diagnostic and Interventional Nephrology, Las Vegas, February, 2011
  • Interventional Nephrology: What, Why and How. Interventional Nephrology Course, International Society of Hemodialysis, New Delhi, India, March 2nd, 2011.
  • Anatomical configurations in arteriovenous fistulae, European Vascular Course, Maastricht, Netherlands, March 3, 2011
  • Research Opportunities in Interventional Nephrology, World Congress of Nephrology, Vacouver, April 8, 2011
  • There are drugs that could improve patency: Myth or consensus, 33rd Charing Cross Vascular Symposium, London, England, April 10, 2011
  • Venopathy at Work: Translating Insights of Venous Endothelial Biology, 2011 National Kidney Foundation Spring Clinical Meetings, Las Vegas, NV, April 28, 2011
  • Understanding Fistula Referral Patterns: An NKF Young Investigator Award, 2011 National Kidney Foundation Spring Clinical Meetings, Las Vegas, NV, April 29, 2011
  • Vascular Biology of Dialysis Access Failure, Vascular Access Society Annual Meeting, Istanbul, Turkey, May, 2011
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