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Dialysis Vascular Access Research Program - Focus Areas & Groups

Basic Science Research (Pathophysiology and Mechanisms)

This focus group:

  • Explores the mechanistic aspects of AV fistula stenosis through the power of genetic technology in mouse models of AV fistula stenosis
  • Performs mechanistic studies on human arterial and venous segment tissues to elucidate biological mechanisms in patients with AV fistulae and AV grafts

Mouse AV Fistula Model

Pig AV Fistula Model (Surgery)

Pig AV Fistula Model (CT Imaging)

Pig AV Fistula Model (Histology)

Pig AV Fistula Model (Histology)

Translational Research

This focus group:

  • Uses large and small animal models of AV fistula and AV graft stenosis to conduct translational research with an emphasis on hemodynamics and locally delivered therapies
  • Aims to develop biomarker panels for endothelial dysfunction that could predict both dialysis vascular access dysfunction and cardiovascular morbidities

Clinical Presentation of Dialysis Access Stenosis

Histological Presentation of Human Dialysis Vascular Access Dysfunction

Human Morphometric Analysis

Angiogenesis in Human Neointimal Hyperplasia

Perigraft Macrophages in Human Neointimal Hyperplasia

Technology Innovation

This focus group concentrates on the development of novel technologies for the diagnosis and treatment of dialysis vascular access dysfunction. In addition to trouble shooting and developing industry devices, we are actively involved in the creation of our own intellectual property including the filing of patents and the setting up of companies.

Perivascular Therapies

Perivascular Paclitaxel Wraps

Clinical Research

This focus group is involved in investigator initiated (through the NIH) and industry sponsored clinical trials. An important aspect of our industry trials is to complement our other focus areas with an emphasis on local therapies (devices, drugs, cells, chemicals).


Process of Care Research

This focus group is involved in outcomes research in the field of dialysis vascular access with an emphasis on improving clinical outcomes by optimizing the process of care. We interact with the Veterans Administration and the Renal Networks for this research.

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Director of the UC Health Vascular Access Center

Prabir Roy-Chaudhury, MD, PhD
Professor of Medicine
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