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Why Cincinnati?

Our residents comment on why they chose this program:

David Bailey, Class of 2015:

Why I chose Cincinnati...

When I came to Cincinnati, the thing that stuck out most to me was the friendship and teamwork among the residents. Everyone looks out for each other to be sure no one has too much on their plate. Residents are always looking for ways to make each other's day a little bit easier and more fun. Beyond that, Cincinnati's program makes it very easy to set up global health rotations anywhere around the world and I have already been able to take advantage of that opportunity. Finally, the residents and attendings in Cincinnati are world class and it is an excellent place to learn as much as possible from people who love to teach and value education.

Stephanie Dixon, Class of 2016:

Why I chose our program: I was looking for a program that was well balanced between medicine and pediatrics and offered excellent opportunities to explore multiple sub-specialties with fellowship programs, especially in pediatrics because of my own interests and prior experiences. I also wanted a well integrated program where Med-Peds was it's own presence and well respected while at the same time being integrated with our Pediatrics and Medicine categorical programs. I feel our program accomplishes both of these goals. Additionally, I felt it was a huge bonus to have a Combined Med-Peds clinic with Med-Peds leadership. Finally, I loved the people at Cincinnati, both the Residents I met, the ones who are now my classmates and the leadership which I found amazingly dedicated and supportive.

Timothy Lee, Class of 2017:

There are a lot of reasons I could list why I chose Cincinnati, but what stuck in my mind after my interview was that I could rotate with my classmates together for 4 years. I think it's a small detail that makes a huge difference. It shows how our categorical programs embrace Med-Peds, how our leadership understands the residency experience, and the family-like intimacy that is prioritized here. Cincinnati is Med-Peds with a giant heart.

Devon Carr, Class of 2017:

Why did I choose the University of Cincinnati?

My initial interest in the University of Cincinnati was based on the reputation of Cincinnati Children's and endorsements by Med-Peds residents in my home program. I did not really know what to expect on my interview day, and was a little apprehensive of the idea of living in Cincinnati, as the other two cities I had lived in previously were Philadelphia and Miami, FL. But on my interview day, I was really impressed with the values of the Med-Peds program. It was evident that Cincinnati made academics a top priority, and new innovative evaluation and feedback systems would ensure that you would leave the program comfortable and confident as a physician. Even more importantly, the Med-Peds group at Cincinnati is truly a family. And while this was obvious during my interview day, it was palpable during our recent orientation week, when the graduating fourth year Med-Peds residents were ceremoniously cast off into the world at the end-of-the-year Med Peds picnic. At some point during the picnic, each fourth year shed a tear, representing the true bonds that are formed during residency. I love the fact that at Cincinnati each Med-Peds class rotates through the four month blocks with each other, ensuring that you are truly never alone. The last thing that stood out towards me on my interview day was the leadership. Having a Med-Peds chief resident as a resource has been invaluable to me as I have started my intern year. I could not imagine what I would do without Ben! And on that same note, I cannot speak highly enough of Jen and Caroline, who are truly the backbone of the Med-Peds family. Although I've only known them for a short time, I know they will always have my back and support me through all my endeavors. Before ending, a quick side note about the city of Cincinnati. The city has really impressed me so far. A lot of money has been put back into the downtown area and new restaurants and bars have led to a migration of young professionals back into the city. Coming from Miami, I was a bit apprehensive, but the city has proven to be vibrant and full of culture!

Bo Stapler, Class of 2015:

I initially applied to the program because when I looked at the website and saw the bios of the residents written by the program director, I could tell she knew the residents well and seemed to care for them deeply. Although I enjoyed meeting people at many of the places I interviewed, I felt the most at home when I interviewed in Cincinnati. The residents enjoyed being around one another, they liked living in Cincinnati, and were very welcoming towards me. They made me feel like I had matched there already. When it came down to making my rank list I knew Cincinnati would be near the top because of their fantastic pediatrics program. In comparing programs I felt that there was a wider range of quality among pediatric programs than internal medicine. This made sense to me because there are so many more sick adults than children. Finding a medicine program with all the subspecialties wasn't difficult at all, while finding a children's program that had enough patients to support, for instance, a pediatric rheumatology fellowship, was more difficult to come by. I knew that in order to get the best training, I needed to find a place with best exposure to a variety of illnesses. This, combined with my interview experience and the people I met, made Cincinnati an easy choice for residency. I'm truly blessed to be a part of this program.


Cincinnati (population around one million) is truly the Queen City of the Midwest. It is the 23rd largest city in the country, and received the award of "most livable city" some years ago. Some of the other ranking: Ranked #2 Most Popular Cities for the Holidays; Ranked #4 America’s Manliest Cities; Ranked #5 Best Baseball Cities; Ranked #9 Most Energetic Cities; Ranked #10 Best Cities for Teleworking - Large Metro Areas; Ranked #23 Best Block Party Places from Speerlings rankings of over 400 cities.

Housing costs rank below the national average. Moderate is the word to describe the weather here, although there are fleeting periods of extremes. Summer tends to be humid, and there are usually one or two snowstorms per winter which may briefly immobilize the city. The other 9 months of the year make up for this by being absolutely gorgeous!

There is a lot here to offer for families and for singles alike. If you are in to the arts, we have 4 art museums, including the award winning Contemporary Arts Center. We have a symphony, ballet, and more than 5 theaters. Our "Enjoy the Arts" packages include hundreds of different offerings through the year. We have a Natural Science and History Museum, OmniMax and IMax theaters, Aquarium, river boat cruises and lots of other activities to choose from.

Our downtown has undergone a renaissance. It is connected by an overhead sky walk, and is loaded with activities for kids in the holiday season. There has been a lot of renovation and building to make the downtown, with its many festivals and musical venues, an exciting yet safe place to visit. Cincinnati loves festivals and there are many to enjoy throughout the summer! These range from free music concerts at Sawyer Point to food festivals of many kinds. Speaking of food, ethnic foods are very popular, as are the local chili houses. Ice cream and beer brewing are two other local past times that bring excellent quality to the culinary experience!

There is plenty in Cincinnati for sports enthusiasts, and this is why we consistently place in the top 10 for sports. There are the college and professional teams to enjoy, especially with the brand new facilities on the river front. Intramural sports are popular, including indoor and outdoor soccer, softball, volleyball, and others!

For park and outdoor enthusiasts, we have our award winning parks system. In fact, Cincinnati was ranked in the top 5 cities nationally for our park system! Offerings include multiple golf courses, an ultimate frisbee park, the award winning Krohn Conservatory and our internationally renown zoo. There is also rock climbing, canoeing, boating, a 30 mile bike trail along the Little Miami river, Amish communities, Serpent Mounds and other Indian museums, horseback riding, skating, and even a skiing venue all within an hour drive from downtown.

If you are in to shopping, you have come to the right place! There are outlet malls both north and south of town, as well as a number of award winning malls. There are also quite a few unique stores both downtown and in some of the trendiest neighborhoods.

So what does all of this mean? Life here is what you make of it! There is as much to offer here as in any major city, just on a slightly smaller scale. In fact, Cincinnati has incredible diversity in terms of culture, education, family, nightlife, spectator sports, music and outdoor activity. Below are some links we thought might be of some use to help you to get to know our town!!

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