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The Medicine-Pediatrics program welcomed its first class in 1990. The class expanded to its current size of seven residents per year in 1994. In February of 1995, we added our combined resident-faculty med-peds office.

We enjoy remarkable facilities, all of which have been newly opened or extensively upgraded. Best of all, all of our facilities are located together as one remarkable medical campus. This includes Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medicine Center, UC Health University Hospital, the College of Medicine, the Cincinnati Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center, and our clinical med-peds practice.

We have many things to thank for our success, but most important is the strength and commitment of our parent departments. They are equally dedicated to excellence in training, and exceptionally well matched in rigor, size, research dollars, and most importantly in quality of residency training.


UC Department of Internal Medicine

The UC Department of Internal Medicine has many strengths. Among these is a large division of general medicine, and these outstanding teacher-clinicians are some of the most gifted educators. They also provide the lion's share of inpatient attending, as well as clinic precepting, lending their global expertise to our residents' training experience.

As another example of the department's commitment to education, attending privilege is by invitation only, and this is based on resident and student evaluations. This dedication to education is reflected in the high American Board of Internal Medicine certifying exam pass rates, which are published for all programs on their website.

Our internal medicine training program was offered the prestigious Education in Innovation program designee, and we have been fortunate to be leaders in residency training innovation.

Our current innovations are wide sweeping, with all the changes directed at targeting the learning needs of each individual resident. The innovations include both inpatient and outpatient training experiences. Just ask our residents about this remarkable growth!


Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center

Our pediatrics training program at Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center is recognized as one of the most rigorous and competitive in the country. It also enjoys commitment at the highest levels to excellent and innovation in training and education.

Cincinnati Children's is a world renowned children’s hospital, and so residents receive a remarkable depth and breadth of experience. Since it is the only regional inpatient children's facility, the residents also care for children with common health problems. As a testament to the excellence in training, they also enjoy an extremely high board pass rate.


Our Advantage

So what does all of this mean for our med-peds residents? They have a wonderfully balanced training in medicine and pediatrics. Our leadership lives the philosophy of continuous improvement, and is dedicated to quality training for the residents.

Our parent departments strongly support the med-peds residency. We have a strong med-peds faculty group, and these more than a dozen attendings work closely with our residents, as mentors, colleagues in the office, and research advisors.

Some years ago, the trend was to increase the size of successful med-peds programs. At that time we made a conscious decision to be the best program we could be, not the biggest. At seven residents per year, we are large enough to have our own identity, but do not overwhelm either categorical residency.

Our goal is seamless integration, and quality of training, not quantity!


More Information

For more information on the Medicine-Pediatrics Residency Program, please contact us at:

Medicine-Pediatrics Residency Program
UC Department of Internal Medicine
231 Albert Sabin Way
Mail Location 0535
Cincinnati, OH 45267-0535

Phone: 513-584-0397
Fax: 513-584-0369

Program Director:
Jennifer K. O’Toole, MD, MEd
Associate Professor of Internal Medicine and Pediatrics