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You will now be a physician which is a wonderful, humbling honor.  You will heal, comfort, and support patients and families during their most vulnerable times.  Such an awesome responsibility comes with pressure, anxiety, fear, fatigue, and more at times.  It is well known that physicians have a high rate of burnout.  Knowing this, we have committed to helping foster resiliency within our residents and helping each resident develop specific tools to use to promote developing their own resilience.

As a PGY-1 you will participate in resiliency sessions during Academic Half Day and during retreats (R1 retreat).  During these sessions, you will learn the core components of resiliency and tools you can use to promote resilience.  This is also a time to create a community of reflecting and sharing within the group you have already formed a connection with, your Academic Half Day learning community.  As a PGY-2 and PGY-3 you will participate in resiliency refresher sessions during Advanced Ambulatory Practice.  Also, anyone can participate in the Finding Meaning in Medicine group.

We are actively expanding ways we incorporate resiliency into our curriculum and culture.  As a resident you are also empowered to find ways to incorporate this daily whether it's practicing appreciative inquiry with your teams or debriefing after a challenging patient encounter.

Check visit our Wellness and Resiliency page on the website for resources.  The articles listed below will provide you with more background on resiliency.

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