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How We Make Things Better

Innovation requires participation.

Every December we survey the residents and faculty regarding the program.

Results of this survey are then collated into themes, and these themes are shared with residents and faculty at Program Evaluation Committee Meetings (PEC), noon reports, and education meetings.

Residents and faculty discuss and come to consensus regarding these themes that then become the focus of improvement groups for the next 12 months.

Each improvement group is led by a faculty member, chief residents and residents. We include any other people needed to achieve success (coordinators, administrators, fellows, database managers etc.)

We share this information regularly in the resident newsletter and educational/PEC meetings.

Here is what we are working on for the 2018-19 academic year:

Internal Medicine 2018-19 Improvement Projects Executive Summary

Improvement Area

Global Aim


Research Program

Provide optimal research support for internal medicine residents


A-Train Project

Prepare Residents for Ambulatory Practice



Optimize faculty performance in delivering formative feedback


Testing for Learning

Optimize the MKSAP 18 for spaced repetition and collaborative learning


GI experience

Optimize GI learning and care experiences


VA Wards

Create a sustainable ward experience with optimal educational and care delivery value



Create a sustainable CVICU experience with optimal educational and care delivery value


Procedure Training

Provide the right amount of supervision and training for residents to safely perform procedures, during residency, and after



Graduates of the program use geriatic principles regardless of specialty


Coaching and Mentorship

Every resident will feel supported in personal improvement and career development


Geographic Cohorting

Improve patient care by optimizing teamwork and accountability on the inpatient medical wards at University Hospital


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Liz Bauke