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Department of Internal Medicine

Residency Programs

Clinical Triennium - PGY 1

As a PGY-1 resident, you will rotate through inpatient services and participate in the A-TRAIN program.

Inpatient Experience

In the first year of residency you will learn acute inpatient and consultative medicine. You will experience patient-centered general medicine teams, subspecialty teams (cardiology, nephrology, gastroenterology and hematology/oncology), and intensive care units.You will develop progressive autonomy under the supervision of senior residents, fellows and attendings. You will also gain skills in teaching and evaluation.

General medical teams have no more than 12 patients per team, and subspecialty teams generally have 12-14 patients. University Hospital uses the EPIC electronic medical record and the VAMC uses CPRS.

A typical schedule for a PGY-1 resident includes:

Inpatient Experience – PGY-1 Months

General Medical Wards/Hospitalist


Subspecialty Wards (nephrology,
gastroenterology, oncology, cardiology, neurology)


Intensive Care Unit




Night Medicine Team




Ambulatory Experience

We have created a unique program called A-TRAIN (Ambulatory TRAINING). It is the only program like its kind in the country, and designed to assist you in learning the basics of ambulatory medicine prior to Long Block

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