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Residency Programs

Resident Olympics 2017

resident sitting on floor, man crouching next to her resident holding phone to her forehead Two residents acting like T-rex three residents playing a game using a wheelchair one resident holding a phone to her forehead, two others look on IMG_0827 two residents running a footrace two residents run a foot race while others watch one resident gets ahead of the other in a footrace residents eat at a restaurant two residents play with a baby residents play a guessing game residents play a guessing game and one stands on a table residents play with paper planes resident making a paper plane residents posing for a photo many residents posing for a photo at a restaurant residents smiling while running a foot race resident reaching up to put blue tape on a wall resident measuring the height of the tape resident sliding green pager across the floor resident sliding black pager across the floor resident smiling while sliding a pager across the floor green target for pagers game residents checking how far pager has gone residents talking around a table at a restaurant resident sliding black pager across floor towards target residents playing guessing game in break room residents running foot race while being timed four residents laughing residents smiling at dinner table

R2 Retreat 2017

DSC_0094 DSC_0080 DSC_0100 DSC_0099 DSC_0102 DSC_0103 DSC_0104 DSC_0105 DSC_0106 DSC_0107 DSC_0108 IMG_1380 IMG_1381 IMG_1382 IMG_1383 DSC_0087 IMG_1386 IMG_1387 IMG_1388 IMG_1389 IMG_1390 IMG_1391 IMG_1392 IMG_1393 IMG_1384 DSC_0097 DSC_0077 DSC_0084


R3 Resident Graduation 2017

171106ckIM_011 171106ckIM_009 171106ckIM_013 171106ckIM_003 171106ckIM_002 171106ckIM_005


Intern Picnic 2017

IMG_1348 IMG_1346 IMG_1345 IMG_1344 IMG_1343 IMG_1341 IMG_1342 IMG_1339 IMG_1340 IMG_1338 IMG_1335 IMG_1337 IMG_1336 IMG_1334 IMG_1332 IMG_1333 IMG_1331 IMG_1327 IMG_1330 IMG_1326 IMG_1328 IMG_1329 IMG_1324 IMG_1322 IMG_1325 IMG_1321 IMG_1320 IMG_1323 IMG_1318 IMG_1319 IMG_1317


Research Day Poster Presentation

image5 image13 image10 image9 image11 image8 image7 image3 image1 image2 image4 image6


Academic Half Day

Groups of people in multiple discussions Groups of people around tables Group of people in semi circle in discussion Group of people in a circle discussing Large group of people in a circle discussing Groups of people in discussion


Flag Football and Soccer: Residents vs. Faculty

img_8131 img_8217 img_8117 img_8187 img_8132 img_8204 img_8236 img_8184 img_8185 img_8135 img_8229 dscf1430 dscf1426 dscf0995 dscf1450 img_8084 img_8123 img_8213


Scenes on the Ward and Clinic

Doctor with patient picture-0180BD3E91EAF68 picture-025D4B7272165A4 Medical workers at computer Doctor at computer Two medical workers looking at computer screen picture-017 p1000782 20111018_143413 Med students standing together p1000779 Med Students having a little fun Doctor at desk smiling Two med students Profile of med student Four Med students in discussion Two med students in discussion at computer Leanns gloves and gown
250x300 Marc Guerini and Erin Connolly Espinozaedited

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