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(L to R) Bo Franklin, Greg Wigger, Elliott Welford, Nikki Boschuetz, Elyse Harris, Brian May

Welcome From the Chief Residents

We are very proud to welcome you to University of Cincinnati’s Internal Medicine Residency and tell you about our unique program!  As you explore our website, many questions will be answered with regards to details of our training and education.  The part that may not be as evident until coming to visit us is the culture that permeates the residency we are lucky to have been a part of and now help run as chiefs. 

The foundation of our program is made up of a strong dedication to excellent patient care, to innovation in teaching, and to each other.  We have a culture of seeking out resident feedback and using this to improve each aspect of the program.  Because we ask residents for detailed feedback often, everyone is personally involved in the residency and is enthusiastic about its improvement.  As such, the sense of comradery here is palpable, and it creates a unique learning environment in which residents are invested in each other.  Residency can be a difficult time, but when surrounded by people who want to see everyone succeed, it changes the dynamic and makes it where coming to work no longer becomes an onerous task but a joy.  Our residents have a closeness none of us found while searching across the country for the right fit, and this is why we all decided to be chiefs.  

The choice in residency program is not as simple as it may appear.  One must consider curriculum, location, reputation however, there is an equally important, often more obscure curriculum including the style and culture of practice underlying each residency. These subtle lessons learned during training shape a person for the rest of his or her career.  Within the Internal Medicine Residency Program at the University of Cincinnati, we believe we have something special and feel strongly about sharing this with applicants.  Daily, we see our residents learning, teaching, and caring for patients; and we could not be happier watching them develop into the physicians they will be for years to come.  We hope to meet you and show you what we are all about!


Boschuetz, Nicole

Nikki Boschuetz, MD
Hometown: Middleton, WI
Medical School: Medical College of Wisconsin, Milwuakee, WI
Career Plans: Applied for fellowship in GI. After that, I hope to continue training in transplant hepatology. 

What was the most unexpected part of residency?
I’m still surprised by how much I actually enjoyed residency. Working long hours isn’t always the most fun thing but the people we work with and the patients make it worthwhile. I truly love internal medicine and I felt lucky to be able to practice medicine. 



Franklin, Robert

Bo Franklin, MD
Hometown: Chattanooga, TN
Medical School: University of Tennessee Health Science Center; Memphis, TN
Career Plans: Hematology/Oncology

What do you love most about the city of Cincinnati?
The last 3 years in Cincinnati have been some of my favorite years of my life. The friendships and culture of the residency were immediately attractive to me and I quickly came to love the city with its hills and rivers, countless parks, incredible old American architecture, a great arts scene, and a medical program with a rich and surprising amount of history. It has also been fun watching the rapid ascent and energy FC Cincinnati with their recent invitation to join the MLS. Eating at Sotto for a special occasion once a year is also always a treat. This is a phenomenal program and place to live.



Harris, Elyse

Elyse Harris, MD
Hometown: The Woodlands, Texas
Medical School: University of Texas Health Science Center in Houston
Career Plans: Currently, I am applying for Hematology and Oncology fellowship. I am also interested in obtaining a Masters in Immunotherapy & Cancer Immunology. Someday, I would like to be a program or fellowship director. Or maybe a national park ranger. 

Favorite thing to do in Cincinnati?
On a summer day in Cincinnati, I like to get an ice-cold drink and some street food with a friend. There’s a fantastic arepa place that’s walking distance from my apartment downtown and even writing about it makes me crave the cheesy goodness. Feeling the sun on my skin in Ziegler or Washington Park while eating an arepa is truly living the high life. Sharing those lighthearted moments in parks with my residency friends has been substantially profound.    


May, Brian

Brian May, MD
Hometown: Chattanooga, TN
Medical School: University of Alabama Birmingham
Additional Graduate Degree: Master’s Secondary Science Education, Arizona State University
Career Plans: Academic Medical Education

Favorite thing to do in Cincinnati?
By far, my favorite part of Cincinnati is the Zoo. It is amazing. I have been there somewhere around 100 times and always find something interesting or learn something new.  They have many different seasonal events all of which bring their own flare: “Tunes and Blooms” in the Spring where there are different bands that play all around the zoo. “Zoo Lights” during the holiday season, “Boo at the Zoo” during Halloween.  It’s close by and season passes are surprisingly affordable. Its great if you have small children too!



Welford, Elliot

Elliott Welford, MD
Hometown: Lucedale, Mississippi
Medical School: University of Mississippi Medical Center; Jackson, MS
Career Plans:  I have applied to fellowship in infectious disease, and I will focus on Public/Global Health.  After Fellowship, I plan to apply to the Epidemic Intelligence Service with my ultimate goal of having a career in academic medicine. 

What was the most unexpected part of residency?
It still surprises me the incredible people I met in residency. The sense of resident connectedness was obvious when I interviewed here, and this was not any different for my class. We were extremely close, and the friends I made were profound. Because of the close bonds we had, coming to work was so much fun and really created the perfect learning environment. 



Wigger, Gregory

Greg Wigger, MD
Hometown: Villa Hills, KY
Medical School: Sidney Kimmel Medical College at Thomas Jefferson University; Philadelphia, PA
Career Plans: Pulmonary/Critical Care

What was the most unexpected part of residency?
Residency is so many things. Among them, it is definitely is a time packed with an exponential amount of personal and professional growth. One of the most unexpected things about it was the comradery and relationships that I developed with my co-residents. They are bonds unlike any other because of the common experiences that we’ve share. Outside the hospital, I love getting together with these friends to visit Over-the-Rhine for the most upscale and delicious hot dogs at the Senate or enjoy my favorite bourbon cocktail called “Penicillin” at Sundry and Vice. Cincinnati spring and summer nights are incredible for a concert at Washington Park or a Cincinnati Reds game. I love our sense of family at Cincinnati and hope that it shines through to others.


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