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Welcome! As the Director of the Clinician Scientist Training Program I have numerous opportunities to meet with talented young physicians who have recognized very early on in their career that they desired to be physician scientists. As a physician scientist myself, I understand that not everyone immediately recognizes the wonderful learning opportunities that a scientific pursuit can contribute to being a top physician. With this in mind, the University of Cincinnati has developed the Research Scholars Fellowship pathway. Scholars dedicated to enriching their career enter into a protected year of research during their subspecialty fellowship and are matched with one of our many talented researchers to guide them in establishing an independent research profession.

Starting a research year later in a scholar’s career path provides remarkable opportunities for a clinician interested in a specific field of medicine. For these clinicians, being more aware of the physiopathology of the disease together with an in-depth understanding the health care needs of the patients can provide important insight into research avenues that may otherwise be overlooked. Our faculty and leadership are acutely aware of the important contributions that physician scientists can provide to our institution and to their respective fields. We are fully committed to facilitating the funds and time necessary for each individual to reach their goals.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me directly.

Jack Rubinstein

Jack Rubinstein, MD

Program Director, Clinical Scientist Training Program
Program Director, Research Scholars Fellowship Program

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